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  1. Hi @batevladi! I'm having the same issue after upgrading, but even I've made the same changes you said, my backoffice is still showing the category with id 1 and level_depth = 0 as root and the new one marked a is_root_category as a subcategory (I've also changed the PS_HOME_CATEGORY config to the new ID): Is there something else I should do? I've tried everything and nothing have worked…
  2. Thanks for your reply! I've done that and got the same error. I've finally fixed by upgrading to 1.7.6 first vía local files and then to
  3. I'm trying to upgrade to latest version ( from a version previous to and I'm getting this error during the upgrade… I've tried to create the table ps_currency_lang (copied from a clean install) and I'm still getting the error. I don't know what else can I try… do you have an idea on what would be the best way to avoid this issue during an upgrade?
  4. Hi! I'm updating an store from 1.6 to 1.7, but there's something important I'm not being able to achieve: on 1.6 I have handled to add attributes selected from filters to be showed on the page meta title and title (Like "Shirts" -> "Shirts Blue" -> "Shirts Blue Large"), but on 1.7 I'm not able to do it. I've found that meta title is set in getCategoryMetas() method from Meta.php, but I can find a way to access to the selected filters. Can anybody help at least to know in which file to look at? Thanks!
  5. Is there a way to make an attributes name to appear in the page meta title and in listing's header name, when filtered by that attribute? I'm talking about an option on the back-office, not by changing code (I've done this on the past and then I've serious issues when trying to update the shop 😅). I've have filled the attribute's field "Meta Title" (and recreate index and cleared cache) but they are not showing up in any place. I'm using a newly installed shop on the latest version,, using the default theme.
  6. Hi! I have a few products I want to show as not available to order on the front store, but I would like to be able to add them to orders created from the admin. Can someone help to find what and where to change? I think the updateQty() function from CartCore Class is involve, but I'm not sure how to change the behaviour if the order came from store admin. I'm using PS version 1.5.4 Thanks!
  7. Hi, I would like to remove the # from the filters url generated by layered navigation module and keep a friendly static url. url.com/1-category#/condition-new --> url.com/1-category/condition-new But the url without the # it gets redirected to url.com/1-category?selected_filters=condition-new I came across this issue at version 1.5 but the fixes I use in that version (a few changes in classes/Link.php) it isn't working in Does anyone knows how to achieve this and avoid that redirect? Thanks!
  8. mhmmm I'm checking at the MySQL db and it appears that the problem it isn't that the ID it changing but it looks like every time I modify a Carrier it is save as a new one, and the previous one is deleted. I guess there is a logic behind this but I can't figure it out. Note: I have never changed anything at the BO. This is a default behavior
  9. Hi, I've just noticed that after you save some changes on a Carrier at the backoffice, that Carrier ID change to the next auto increment ID. Is this suppose to happen or is this a bug? Can anyone help me on how can I avoid this from happening (I need the ID to be static so I can use it for a javascript reference). I'm using PS version Thanks!
  10. I'm trying to user the createAccount hook to define a variable that makes print an Analytics pageview call on the ganalytics template. But if I try this: function hookCreateAccount($params) { $this->context->smarty->assign('isNewCustomer', true); return $this->display(__FILE__, 'header.tpl'); } isNewCustomer is not passed to header.tpl. What is the right way to pass an variable to that template from that hook? should I pass a variable to hookHeader()? how can I do that?
  11. Hi, I have installed the ganalytics module and set up the new order goal on my analytics account. But know I want to set another goal for new customer signup and I don't know where to start. Have someone already made this? can you please help me at least saying which controller should I change? Thanks!
  12. There a way to execute a display hook from an action hook? I mean, check for a condition in the action hook and if necessary run a display hook so something it is render in the smarty template or something like that
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