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  1. When a customer enter his account and leave a message on order details, I see that he can choose on which product to leave a message on. But don't receive the product name in email or my backoffice. What is the point of choosing the product name if the product name is not sent to me by email or in backoffice??????
  2. Hi When someone use the contact form to send a message, prestashop is sending a copy of his message tohis email address. How can I disable the sending of this email? There is no point to inform the customer by emailthat the message was received since he is already informed about this in the contact -us page (after sending the message). I see in ContactController.php this lines but don't now what to remove: ---------------------------------------------- if (empty($contact->email)) Mail::Send($this->context->language->id, 'contact_form', ((isset($ct) && Validate::isLoadedObject($ct)) ? sprintf(Mail::l('Your message has been correctly sent'), $ct->id, $ct->token) : Mail::l('Your message has been correctly sent')), $var_list, $from, null, null, null, $fileAttachment); else { if (!Mail::Send($this->context->language->id, 'contact', Mail::l('Message from contact form').' [no_sync]', $var_list, $contact->email, $contact->name, $from, ($customer->id ? $customer->firstname.' '.$customer->lastname : ''), $fileAttachment) || !Mail::Send($this->context->language->id, 'contact_form', ((isset($ct) && Validate::isLoadedObject($ct)) ? sprintf(Mail::l('Your message has been correctly sent'), $ct->id, $ct->token) : Mail::l('Your message has been correctly sent')), $var_list, $from, null, $contact->email, $contact->name, $fileAttachment)) $this->errors[] = Tools::displayError('An error occurred while sending the message.'); } ----------------------------------------------- thank you!
  3. Hi I noticed if a legged-in customer has no address added, he can't see the cart content(quick-order page) anymore until he add an address. If no addresses is added the prestashop redirect the legged customer to the add a new address page. How can I remove that redirection? I would like to legged-in customer to still be able to see the quick-order page (shopping cart) even if no address is added. Is it possible to remove that redirection? Thanks Marius
  4. Hello I have about 90 manufacturers and because of this, too many pages in manufacturer-list. Can I list more than one manufacturer per row? Dor example to have 2 or 3 columns? Right now is one per row and it's a lot of "unused" space there. Thanks Marius
  5. Hello I'm currently using prestashop version 1.4.11 and I would like to ask if anyone experience any Google ranking change after upgrading to 1.6? I'm considering to upgrade but I'm not sure about the response from Google regaridng the new prestashop version. Is the new version coded better? Do you recommend to upgrade from the SEO point of view? I would like to hear from someone that already made the upgrade and noticed any change in SERP. Thanks Dany
  6. Hi When I see the source code of my website, the modules from the left side comes just after the head menu then come the product list from that page. It's quite not good for seo. The product list is what we have as "new content" on each page and we should make the website load them just after the head (not after modules). Is it possible when I check the page source to see the module at the bottom (where the footer loads?". I mean I would like to move the modules somewhere just above the footer (in code..not design). Thanka Marius
  7. Hi I'm using prestashop For example if a product has 2 attributes. One combination with quantity 0 (the default one) and the other combination with quantity 3. The product-list.tpl still shows the product as out of stock. ------------------------------------------- {if isset($product.available_for_order) && $product.available_for_order && !isset($restricted_country_mode)}{if ($product.allow_oosp || $product.quantity > 0)}{l s='Available'}{elseif (isset($product.quantity_all_versions) && $product.quantity_all_versions > 0)}{l s='Product available with different options'}{else}{l s='Out of stock'}{/if}{/if} --------------------------------------- Do you have any idea about what should be the issue? probably the code above count only the default attribute (combination)? Thank you Marius
  8. Hi Is there any module that will autmotically change the default combination(attribute) when it comes out of stock (or quantity is 0)? Thanks Marius
  9. Purchased this module today and I'm extremly happy With a few clicks I generated combinations for more than 400 products. It saved me like 1-2 months of hard working. It's perfect if you sell products with a lot of combinations and do not have time to enter each product and manually add your combinations.
  10. Hi I would need a coder that can build/integrate a simple ccnow payment module. I don't need response from ccnow when an order is place or anything compicated. Jus want the customer to be transfered to ccnow server (without store registration) and to see the shopping cart content there (product name, sku, price, options and shipping fees) so that he can close the payment there. That's all. No need the customer to create an account or anything and no response needed from ccnow server (if the order has been placed or shipped etc). Whe someone add something in the cart we just need that cart content to be passed to ccnow server. If anyone can do this, please PM or send me your contact info here.
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