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  1. I exported a load of products with the module and it all works very well. Problem is, I need to import them to another site which has conflicting product ID's I tried to import them using Pretashop's standard import module and set "Force all ID numbers" to "No" This should have the effect of forcing the imported ID's to be auto incremented. Unfortunately it didn't work overwrote the existing products. No big deal as I restored the database to what it was. I thought I might be able to manually change the product ID's in the exported CSV. Trouble is, I'm unable to get the columns to display properly using any combination of separators when I try to edit it in excel using the data import option. Is there anything non standard with the exported csv? Does anyone know if it is even possible to merge the exported products into an existing site using this method?
  2. Same problem for me on a site I'm working on. Four different attributes to choose from in a dropdown list. As soon as a different attibute is selected, the page refreshes and goes back to the default attribute
  3. Hi I missed the fact that you are on the CLOUD version. I've never used it so I don't know where you initially land in the file structure when you FTP into your site or what folders it allows you to access. Having a brief look at this support page it seems you are limited to only certain folders: http://doc.prestashop.com/display/CLOUD/Managing+FTP+users Sorry I can't be of more help.
  4. It's likely that your shop is on a cPanel hosted server. Open a browser and log in to your cPanel account. In the "Files" section click on "File Manager" Use it to browse your public_html folder where you will find your robots.txt file. Select the file and then click on the "Edit" button in the menu bar. You can edit and save your changes there. It's a good idea to first download your old robots.txt file as a backup before editing. In fact it's always good practice to do a full backup of your home folder and database before making any edits
  5. Are you supposed to uninstall the previous version before installing this new one? I upgraded but not working properly for me. When I make a new blog post active, all I see is the heading with the comments section directly below it. No description or any other text is displayed.
  6. Filed bug report PSCSX-7681 in Forge but it hasn't been looked at yet...
  7. Same problem. There are no combinations associated with the product I tested it with. This is a Prestashop native module. Anyone else seen it and know of a fix?
  8. Is this feature integrated in the main preatashop code, Nemo? I have searched the modules page for anything with "rich snippets" but can't see anything.
  9. I've had the same problem a couple of times now in version PSCLEANER has found and corrected some errors but hasn't fixed the problem. Your SQL query works perfectly, thanks Vekia. To speed up the deletion process, what would we need to add to the query to automatically delete the null address records that it finds?
  10. This turns out to be an issue with privacy settings in Firefox. As soon as I disabled "Request that sites not track you" in privacy settings, the Facebook content showed again. However, this means that anyone browsing a Prestashop site with this privacy setting enabled won't see the content in the Facebook block. It kind of defeats the purpose of installing the Facebook block, unless there's another way around it. Here's what Mozilla says about it: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Firefox/Privacy/Tracking_Protection
  11. I found out what was causing this issue on my site..... Rocket Loader. I use CloudFlare and had enabled Rocket Loader in the "Speed" tab of my CloudFlare control panel. I had enable it because it is supposed to Improve load time for pages that include JavaScript. I have pasted the expanded explanation below, and the last line tells the story of what happened to my site. I know Rocket Loader is also available as an add on in cPanel. Perhaps this is causing the same issue for other Prestashop users subscribing to this thread? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What does Rocket Loader do? Rocket Loader can improve load times for pages that include JavaScript. Your search engine ranking may be improved by reducing page load time. Rocket Loader improves page load times by: Decreasing the number of network requests by bundling JavaScript files, even third party resources, to avoid slowing down page rendering Asynchronously loading scripts, including third party scripts, so that they do not block the content of your page from loading immediately Caching scripts locally (using LocalStorage, available on most browsers and smart phones) so they aren't refetched unless necessary What Rocket Loader setting should I use? Automatic: Optimize all JavaScript resources on your website. No configuration required Manual: Selectively enable Rocket Loader for individual scripts. Add the following attribute to the script tag for each script where you want to enable Rocket Loader: data-cfasync="true" Note: The 'data-cfasync' attribute must be added to the HTML script tag before the 'src' attribute (adding the attribute via JavaScript is not sufficient). Rocket Loader is considered Beta because it’s an experimental feature that modifies the loading and execution flow of Javascript. While efforts are taken to increase Rocket Loader’s compatibility with third-party Javascripts, not all scripts work with this feature. Issues with Rocket Loader affect only a small percentage of customers.
  12. Thanks for the update, Sylvain. Yes guys I know it's far from ideal but at least it allows us to change our email addresses until the PS Team work out a permanent secure/automated solution
  13. Just a thought...are you using Excel to open and edit your csv file? By default it automatically applies unwanted formatting to numbers, notably dates. It also changes long numbers such as EAN numbers in the product file, to mathematical format. Try using OpenOffice Calc or another csv editor.
  14. Sorted! It wasn't the field name. I found the version information on the first page a little ambiguous and assumed that the link to the free version on the developers' website was the latest version. Turns out it was version 2.4.1 I uninstalled it and downloaded version 2.5.0 from the first page of this this thread. On first export I selected Tax Exclusive option (I don't have taxes active on my site) which messed up my column order when trying to import. After changing the flag to tax inclusive, the import routine's fields matched the exported file perfectly. Tested a couple of price changes and it worked without issue. Thanks to the developer for this free module which will be a very useful tool!
  15. I installed the free module and getting the problems with a site as well. After setting up the data matching configuration and clicking import csv, "connecting" appears in the browser tab and sits there spinning for 2-3 minutes, eventually returning to the initial import page. On checking, the single product price I changed has not taken effect. I cleared the cache and re-indexed the products in the Search page. No go. What I did notice is that the first column field in Prestashop's import routine is labeled "ID" However, the field header from the exported file is "Product ID" I'm guessing that may relate to your error "ID cannot be saved"
  16. Did you mean the end of last week or this week, Sylvain?
  17. Hi, thanks for your suggestion. I tried it but unfortunately it didn't work for me.
  18. You can add versions and to the list. I've tried php versions from 5.3 to 5.6 and the problem persists. As I mentioned in another thread, I don't see the problem in Internet Explorer.
  19. Same issue for me. It suddenly appeared in my site a few days ago and I have no idea what triggered it. I have done a test upgrade to and it hasn't fixed it. The interesting thing is that I don't see the problem when using Internet Explorer. It only occurs for me in Chrome and Firefox.
  20. Great news Sylvain! Looking forward to hearing more from you at the end of the week.
  21. I had to manually log back in to check if there had been a reply this as, of course, I don't receive email notifications any more! But no, still nothing. This thread was started in April 2015 so I'm sure many forum subscibers would have had needed to change their email address during this time. Is anyone in the PS team working on a fix or has it been filed in the too hard basket?
  22. So do they say they can do it on request?
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