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  1. Hi I have the following issue in Prestashop versie: When creating a price specific rule eg. 10% discount on a product it shows in the price-drop page. So far this works as you would expect. But if you create a similar rule 10% off and also use the from quantity, eg. 2, it does not show up in the price-drop page. Is the combination from quantity with reduction not considered being a discount or is it a bug ? Thanks Regards Luc
  2. Hi I checked out the prestashop webservice possibilities. They sure look great. Most actions are supported. However I could not find (reading the doc's and overview) if you can create and update 'product specfic prices' using the webservice ? Cart rules and catalog rules are but what about the product specific price rules (products -> tab prices) ? Anybody with experience on this ? Thanks Luc
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