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  1. Hi Paul, To be more specific I am looking for a module that does basically the same things as this plugin for WooCommerce: http://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-xml-csv-product-import/ I already figured out a way to solve imports from txt feeds but it involves a lot of Excel and manual operations, I am looking for something more .... "automated". Many thanks, Sergiu
  2. Hi all, What is the best way to import products from feeds in txt or xml formats? Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I changed my hosting provider and I noticed a strange thing: in frontend all products are ok, orders can be placed BUT in backend I have NO products whatsoever. Was something wrong when the hosting change was made? The old hosting plan is still active, concurrently with the new one. Thanks!
  4. E primul sfat care chiar are logica! Testele facute arata ca peste 70% din timpul de incarcare e consumat de poze. Am intrebat si pe forumul in engleza si inca n-am primit un raspuns pertinent. Bun, acum cum procedez? Trebuie sa iau toate pozele de pe server din /img si sa le deschid cu IrfanView si sa le salvez fara nicio modificare? Sau exista o alta cale? Din BO am incercat cu regenerate thumbnails pt toate pozele, deoarece le-am redimensionat conform instructiunilor din documentatia furnizata odata cu tema. Asta a rezolvat partial problema.
  5. Salut, Am o problema cu timpul de incarcare pt www.bloki.ro. Variaza intre 4 si 15 sec, ceea ce e enorm. Am luat legatura cu hostingul, problema nu pare sa fie de la ei, alte site-uri gazduite pe acelasi server se comporta normal. Din rapoartele rulate pana acum se pare ca mai pot lucra la unele aspecte, insa datele pe care le primesc sunt contradictorii, si chiar daca remediez unele din cele sugerate in raport, la urmatorul raport primesc exact aceleasi date. Scorurile pagespeed si yslow sunt bunicele, dar timpii de incarcare sunt mari. Ce as mai putea verifica? Unde credeti ca ar putea fi problema? Multumesc, Sergiu
  6. Thank you all for your efforts. I will continue to dig for the solution. After I find out the main cause I will post here how I solved it.
  7. Thank you Paul. Yet on every page speed test i took I have response times of 12-15 secs. I just did the last one on http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/#!/eLZDP1/www.bloki.ro I don't know what the problem is exactly.
  8. Hello, I'm facing a difficult situation. It looks like my e-shop has slow loading speed, it varies between 4 secs and 12 secs. I checked with my hosting, no problems there, other sites hosted on the exact same server have normal loading speed. I have a theme installed and on a first glance there are some problems with the image sizes. I modified them according to the documentation provided by the developer of the theme, still no great effect (around 4-6 secs). Can anyone tell me what might be the problem? My site is www.bloki.ro Thank you!
  9. Salut, Cum se face cel mai simplu update-ul stocurilor si preturilor in cazul in care acestea fluctueaza des si furnizorul nu pune la dispozitie feed-uri, doar tabele excel (exceptand metoda manuala produs cu produs)?
  10. Hi, I installed this module on PS with custom theme. It works nice, but the product listing in BO/Modules doesn't work. I mean the drop down list is empty. What can I do? Thanks!
  11. Desi raspund mai tarziu, trebuie sa spun ca am rezolvat. Valentin, asa am facut, am concatenat in excel calea cu denumirea imaginii. Problema mea era ca denumirea imaginilor salvate la extragerea din excel nu corespundea cu denumirea sau codul produselor. Norocul meu a fost ca aveau salvat in "alt" codul de produs. Asa ca am facut abonament la un site de experti excel care mi-au facut un macro in VB care salva pozele cu textul din "alt" ca si titlu. Mai apoi, fireste, am folosit concatenate in excel. Multumesc pt sugestie.
  12. Hi all, I have to import a lot of images from an excel offer my supplier sent. I managed to extract the images but the problem is that they are saved based on a format like "image 1", "image 2" and so on and it's very difficult to make a connection between the product name or product code and the picture itself. There is the solution to do it manually but there are hundreds of products and that could take days. What choices do I have? Does anyone know any other way to import product images when they are embedded in excel? Thanks!
  13. Salut, Am niste oferte de la furnizori in excel cu imaginile produselor aranjate in dreptul denumirii fiecarui produs. Pentru a putea face importul de imagini am nevoie de url-ul imaginii si ca atare de upload. Problema este la denumirea pozelor: cand le extrag din excel 2007 nu pot asocia imaginea unui produs decat manual. Adica ma uit la poza si schimb denumirea. E dificil fiindca am vreo 1000 de produse. Stiu ca am citit odata un post pe tema asta, un fel de tutorial dat de un user care arata pas cu pas cum face importul de produse, dar nu il mai gasesc. Help anyone? Multumesc!
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