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  1. The solution of Salsero72 "hey BJC, I Solved! But I am not sure this fits your problem. I found this topic (theme specific): http://themeforest.n...3178575?page=41 The author says "just reinstall Plugin Adder" That is: search "plugin adder" in modules, than click "uninstall", then click "install". That's all. It worked for me."
  2. Your solution was very useful for me, thanks!!
  3. Free themes and modules from PrestaDevelop

    Ok, I ´ve downloaded again and I have repaired the zip files with a free tool. But, I think that it shouldn´t be so. Thank you, because you have added more free themes!!
  4. Free themes and modules from PrestaDevelop

    Hello, I´m trying and trying to download these themes and all of them are broken zip files.
  5. I tried, but no results.It didn´t load no product. I suppose that the error is because of a bad query.I get and $id_category in category.tpl and inside {foreach from=$products item=product name=products} I want to load products in a carousel, and load image of the first product of the selected category,but it doesn´t work.Total disaster!
  6. Thanks for your attention. This web shows the products-list in a grid mode, but not directly the detailed product page.I want to show the detailed product directly without passing by the product-list, loading in the image of the detailed page the image of the first product of the list, and showing below the rest of products of the selected category in a a carousel.
  7. Hi, does anybody try to modify the usual route from categories to product-list.tpl, in a new way in order to load directly product.tpl (products detail page) from the selected category instead of the list of products, showing in the main image the first product of the sselected categoy and below a module like product-categories that shows the rest in a carousel? Does anybody know if it is possible? Thanks.
  8. Ya sé que es, smarty en la variable $tpl_dir deposita el directorio de los templates y al estar en una máquina local, no en un servidor web, crea la ruta mal, Syntax Error in template "C:\xampp\htdocs\tienda/themes/plantilla/category.tpl Ahora a ver cómo lo arreglo.