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  1. Great! May be will be better pop up product window to be more weighly. I don`t understend what everything need to be pop up. I like quick view to be more like http://kershaw.kaiusaltd.com Respect to your work
  2. I can`t pay in this moment for addon module. I searching in the web for tutorial how to make that free but i cant see info anywhere. Can you tell me more how to do this or know same tutorial? In Presta 1.6 that is integrated but i don`t like new responsive theme and want to add quick view in my modified 1.5 theme -> and upgrade to 1.6 when is released stable version. Only controllers and theme modification are needed? I read one forum post (http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/271810-creating-quick-view-manually/) that try to add this but there using js. Can be possible without javascript or is needed? Thanks
  3. Milosz, are you tested this module? Now i test it here: http://test.detelinmarkov.com In multimaguage - en/bg -> worked categories and info pages. products, suppliers and manifaturers don`t work. In EN language enabled only again worked categories and info pages. products, suppliers and manifaturers don`t work. This is under prestashop clean new installation. I delete several times smarty cash and enable/disable friendly URL`s. What are your opinion like prestashop specialist to this module? Thanks in advance!
  4. Looking your products image... I think problem is in product images (in table) width and height.
  5. Пробвaй добaвиш z-index към бекгрaундa или целия блок. До сегa не съм срещaл тaкъв тип нaвигaция и ми е стрaнно, много шaрено и рaзсейвaщо, но товa си е моето мнение. A и не е прaктично тaкa дa зaдaвaш бекгрaундите, зaщото при всякa новa кaтегория трябвa дa вкaрвaш код и още код. Успех!
  6. Hi, Can be possible to add quick view option in products list in presta 1.5 or this option need bootstrap? Thanks /Detelin Markov
  7. Поиграх си малко с твоето меню. Явно не мислиш да има под категории Опитай това: /*************** Block CATEGORIES ***************/ #categories_block_left .title_block{display:none} /*Премахваш titlе без да пипаш .tpl файла*/ #categories_block_left li { width:620px; ; padding-right: 18px; } #categories_block_left li.last { border:none;} #categories_block_left li a { display:block; text-align:right; padding:7px 11px 5px 522px; color: #fff; background:none } #categories_block_left li a:hover { /*За корекции на hover efect-a*/ text-decoration:none; /*Премахване на подчертаването*/ color: #FFCE00 /*Промяна цвета на шрифта */ } #categories_block_left li ul {margin-left:40px} #categories_block_left li ul li {border:none} #categories_block_left li ul li a { padding-left:0; background:none } .blockcategoryitem_3 { background:url('http://blazesquad.com/havaianas/themes/default/img/menu/menu-bg4.png')} .blockcategoryitem_3:hover{background:url('http://blazesquad.com/havaianas/themes/default/img/menu/menu-bg5.png')} /*Добавям hover efect*/ .blockcategoryitem_4 { background: url('http://blazesquad.com/havaianas/themes/default/img/menu/menu-bg2.png')} .blockcategoryitem_4:hover{ background:url('http://blazesquad.com/havaianas/themes/default/img/menu/menu-bg5.png')} /*Добавям hover efect*/ .blockcategoryitem_5 { background: url('http://blazesquad.com/havaianas/themes/default/img/menu/menu-bg3.png')} .blockcategoryitem_5:hover{ background:url('http://blazesquad.com/havaianas/themes/default/img/menu/menu-bg5.png')} /*Добавям hover efect*/ .blockcategoryitem_6 { background: url('http://blazesquad.com/havaianas/themes/default/img/menu/menu-bg4.png')} .blockcategoryitem_6:hover{ background:url('http://blazesquad.com/havaianas/themes/default/img/menu/menu-bg5.png')} /*Добавям hover efect*/ .blockcategoryitem_7 { background: url('http://blazesquad.com/havaianas/themes/default/img/menu/menu-bg5.png')} .blockcategoryitem_7:hover{ background:url('http://blazesquad.com/havaianas/themes/default/img/menu/menu-bg5.png')} /*Добавям hover efect*/ .blockcategoryitem_8 { background: url('http://blazesquad.com/havaianas/themes/default/img/menu/menu-bg7.png')} .blockcategoryitem_8:hover{ background:url('http://blazesquad.com/havaianas/themes/default/img/menu/menu-bg5.png')} /*Добавям hover efect*/ .blockcategoryitem_10{ background: url('http://blazesquad.com/havaianas/themes/default/img/menu/menu-bg4.png')} .blockcategoryitem_10:hover{ background:url('http://blazesquad.com/havaianas/themes/default/img/menu/menu-bg5.png')} /*Добавям hover efect*/ .blockcategoryitem_13{ background: url('http://blazesquad.com/havaianas/themes/default/img/menu/menu-bg8.png')} .blockcategoryitem_13:hover{ background:url('http://blazesquad.com/havaianas/themes/default/img/menu/menu-bg5.png')} /*Добавям hover efect*/ .blockcategoryitem_14{ background: url('http://blazesquad.com/havaianas/themes/default/img/menu/menu-bg4.png')} .blockcategoryitem_14:hover{ background:url('http://blazesquad.com/havaianas/themes/default/img/menu/menu-bg5.png')} /*Добавям hover efect*/ #categories_block_left li .OPEN, #categories_block_left li .CLOSE { display:none; /* Тук забраняваш показването на +/- запод категориите */ float:right; margin:10px 10px 0; height:9px; width:9px; background:url(../../../modules/blockcategories/img/icon/open-close.png) no-repeat 0 -9px; cursor:pointer } #categories_block_left li .CLOSE {background-position:0 0} /* footer */ .blockcategories_footer { padding:15px 10px; } .blockcategories_footer .category_footer {float:left;clear:none;} .blockcategories_footer ul ul {display:none !important} Резултата, който би трябвало да ти се визуализира е: Поздрави /Детелин Марков
  8. My mistake. You need to search 750px! You use modified home featured module and somewhere in this modules .tpl need to find style="height:750px; Or upload your modules main .tpl here to look it.
  9. Грийтингс фром България Опитвам се да разбера, какво всъщност се опитваш да постигнеш като краен резултат, но ми е трудно. - Искаш да премахнеш черния бекграунд? - Искаш да подравниш всички категории от дясно? Правилно ли разбирам, какво целиш да постигнеш? Не мисля, че е добро решение толкова много различни картинки да се зареждат за едно меню, но ти си знаеш. Поздрави /Детелин Марков
  10. Hi stixulet, Your modules use height: 757px in .tpl files. This is the reason of blank space. You need to find and change height in your modules .tpl files from: height:750px; to height:auto; Regards /Detelin Markov
  11. Thanks you Milosz. Working fine for me after override js in theme/modules. Working example you can see here: testzone.detelinmarkov.com
  12. I don`t thins so. Why clients to click on few links when they can get all personal information, addresses and orders history. Now clients pages is 5-6 row. That is not pretty. Page is with small height... I just tell my opinion and opinion of my Bulgarian clients. Many checkout modules remove or get of clients registration because clients pages is not useful. Regards /Edit: I`m merchant i can`t expect 100% of my clients to be computer genius. May be 50-60% of my visitors have very little experiance of internet shopping and working with computers.
  13. Make clients profiles more user friendly. Now when log in they see several links to other pages (history, addresses and etc.) These need to be fixed. Everything need to be in one page. May be with parallax effect will be god solution or reloading page with ajax.
  14. Hi developers, By default presta auto get Fist and Last name for Delivery address from New Customer field. Okay way to show several times same information for clients? I want to make these fields more user friendly. I want to hide FIRST and LAST NAME from delivery address in opc-new-account.tpl (customer view) but in dashboards to have these information in order delivery address - I want to hide fields for customer but not for me - lets they again to be auto filled from New Customers field info. Attach picture if you miss understanding. I try to hide it with div class and css but without success. Suggestions?
  15. Thanks for suggestion Carlsen. Why you cannot able to add products in cart? What browser you use and what is reason to cannot able adding products in cart? I don`t have any problem with adding products in cart and go to checkout page. This module is god solution but i try to make useful default theme for one start up. After several months i will pay to developer for creating one specific module in checkout page that show only cart and delivery information (several boxes that will calculation specific prices for delivery to address or courier office - for one of Bulgarian courier that i will use for delivery option) Now i trying to make checkout page more user friendly. I will waiting your answer why cannot able to view checkout. Regards Detelin from Bulgaria
  16. Hallo I want to redesign (transform) new account block in one page checkout of default 1.5 theme. I change width of theme to 1020px. How to show new account in 2 colons - email, password, first name, last name - in left box - delivery info (first name, last name, adress and etc.) in right box Can someone tell me the right way to do this? May be with adding div classes in order-opc-new-account.tpl You can see live theme that adapt here: http://testzone.detelinmarkov.com Final result that i searching is something like this:
  17. Hi from Bulgaria, These days i transform default block categories in vertical (look like) menu - this is not real menu modul like top horizontal menu, this is my way to move navigation from horizontal to vertical. For this purpose i use block categories (works fine only with 1 subcategory multilevel). This may be not a great way to do this but works fine for me. May will be useful for other merchant that searching for free vertical menu solution. I can see my tutorial here: en.detelinmarkov.com/how-to-transform-block-categories-in-menu/ What is your opinion? Final result: Live shop that you can see it: bijutaniki.com - (Bulgarian language only) Test shop that you can see it: testzone.detelinmarkov.com (EN) I hope this to be useful for other people in forum. /Detelin Markov Bulgaria
  18. Hallo Today i think how to set up delivery taxes in my shop to be something like that: total delivery to carrier office delivery to customer adress 0-10$ 2$ 4$ 10.01-20:00$ 1$ 2$ over 20:01$ free free I think i may be if i make carriers for every price can be possible to set up cart to show between 0-10$ only carriers that cost 2$ and 4$. When cart is between 10:01-20:00$ to show only 1$ and 2$ option? May be exist special modules for merchant like me that want specific delivery price for specific cart. What solution can tell me? Thanks /Detelin Markov, Bulgaria
  19. Hmmm God morning Paul - here in Bulgaria is almost 10PM :-/ Yes your solution with little changes can be possible to move button in right of cart but i trying to make this with changes of blockuserinfo.tpl I trying to change also number of products with total cart price from this forum topic. Now i change blockuserinfo.tpl to this {if !$PS_CATALOG_MODE} <li id="shopping_cart"> <div class="cartprice left"> <a href="{$link->getPageLink($order_process, true)}" title="{l s='View my shopping cart' mod='blockuserinfo'}" rel="nofollow">{l s='' mod='blockuserinfo'} <strong> </strong> <span id="cart_blockuserinfo">{displayPrice price=$cart->getordertotal(false)}</span> </a> </div> </li> {/if} <div id="cartbutton right"> <p> {if $order_process == 'order'}<a href="{$link->getPageLink("$order_process", true)}" class="button_small" title="{l s='View my shopping cart' mod='blockcart'}" rel="nofollow">{l s='Cart' mod='blockcart'}</a>{/if} <a href="{$link->getPageLink("$order_process", true)}" id="button_order_cart" class="exclusive{if $order_process == 'order-opc'}_large{/if}" title="{l s='Check out' mod='blockcart'}" rel="nofollow"><span></span>{l s='Check out' mod='blockcart'}</a> </p> </div> I move checkout button with this changing of blockuserinfo.tpl but now is problem to show properly cart (cart icon with total price) and in right checkout button. I want my final result to be something like cart here: mypresta.eu
  20. Hi How to move order button from card drop and down list - in right of cart? If you not understand me see the pictures. P.S. And remove from drop and down cart
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