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  1. Vekia,


    I try your fix yesterday but not work for me.


    I can`t turn on left column in guest-tracking page. Try to add "guest-tracking" in Emilien SQL code but again do not show left column.

     SET NAMES 'utf8';
      ALTER TABLE `ps_order_invoice_tax` ADD INDEX (`id_tax`);
    INSERT IGNORE INTO `ps_meta` (`id_meta`, `page`, `configurable`) VALUES
      (NULL, 'products-comparison', '1'),
      (NULL, 'cms', '0'),
      (NULL, 'category', '0'),
      (NULL, 'product', '0'),
      (NULL, 'guest-tracking', '0'),
      (NULL, 'module-bankwire-payment', '0'),
      (NULL, 'module-bankwire-validation', '0'),
      (NULL, 'module-cheque-validation', '0'),
      (NULL, 'module-cheque-payment', '0');
    INSERT IGNORE INTO `PREFIX_theme_meta` ( `id_theme` , `id_meta` , `left_column` , `right_column` )
      SELECT `ps_theme`.`id_theme` , `ps_meta`.`id_meta` , `default_left_column` , `default_right_column`
      FROM `ps_theme` , `ps_meta`;

    Ideas how to fix it?

  2. Hi people,


    I`m back online after several days back up and repairing damages of my shop.


    My site is: bijutaniki.com


    In this time i talking with my hosting provider and they offer me cloud hosting for my site:

    10gb space, 2 processors, 1024mb ram for 20 euro per mount 


    And 30 day`s trial period (for problems with shared hosting)


    I thinking now and i will tried this cloud hosting from my hosting provider because they are bulgarian with database in bulgaria, my site is only for bulgaria and talking with support on my language is more easy for me.


    Here is cloud from my hosting: www.icn.bg/bg/cloud-create.html

    What are you thing about this offer? May be Google will be more unfriendly with my site but with this host i will be 100% up. And browser chasing, back up and pay as you go model is very promising for me.



  3. Hi everyone,


    These days i have problems with one of my live shops and make back up before 1.6 upgrade. Before that i upgrade it without problems and do not have this problem. But now after upgrade i Back Office/ Module show me the message for new version of modules. I try everything, update it all, delete it some modules but these messages can not disapear! 


    It`s not big problem but i need to configure some of these modules like home slider but i don`t see "configure" button.






  4. Inweb, Hm i will make research about prices and speciafications about VPS.

    Thanks for reply!

    El Patron, At the moment i waiting hosting support to save my latest database and now my site is down - main reason to search better hosting like Cloud or VPS


    P.s: But you can see cashed copy may be: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:rNrWcjMDw0YJ:bijutaniki.com/+&cd=1&hl=bg&ct=clnk&gl=bg

  5. Hi everyone,


    Today i have again big problems with my shared hosting and i want to migrate on cloud. But what i need for my small shop:


    Visiters per mount: oround 2000

    Visiters at one moment on site: sometimes over 15

    Catalog site between 500 and 1000 products

    Site size: around 4-5gb


    I want my site to be more stable and only solution at the moment for me may be is cloud but with what specifications, what is your suggestions?

  6. Hi,


    I want to add text when product is out of stock - similar to warning when have only 1 product in stock.


    Final result need to be like: (in stock: no - is modified default availability of products)




    I watching warning when have only 1 product in stock and need to add something similar may be?

    <p class="warning_inline" id="last_quantities"{if ($product->quantity > $last_qties OR $product->quantity <= 0) OR $allow_oosp OR !$product->available_for_order OR $PS_CATALOG_MODE} style="display: none"{/if} >{l s='Warning: Last items in stock!'}</p>


  7. Hi


    I want to add my own row after attribute size - row where i want to place link to CMS page size guide. How to do this? In my page size is group_5.


    attributes i lite to be like:


    size     15mm

    Find your size here


    and etc.



    See picture:



    Thanks in advance

  8. Hi devs,


    I try to remove confusing of some client with checkout page with adding "Order" button that to do:

    When user click on "Order" button -> to be clicked "save" button, if account is created -> click one payment choice.


    I already move cash on delivery confirmation button instead payment select  - now when user "save" account arrive cash on delivery confirm button.


    I try to do this with jQuery but something is not properly:


    - first buttons:

    <p class="submit">
    <input type="submit" class="orderbutton" id="orderbutton" value="{l s='Order'}" />
    <p class="submit">
    <input type="submit" class="exclusive button" name="submitGuestAccount" id="submitGuestAccount" value="{l s='Save'}" />
    <div class="cod_cofirm">
    <form action="http://bijutaniki.com/module/cashondelivery/validation" method="post">
    	<input type="hidden" name="confirm" value="1">
    	<p class="cart_navigation" id="cart_navigation">
    		<input type="submit" value="COD Confirm Button" class="extraorderbutton">

    and jQuery:

    $(document).ready(function () {
        var firstFormValid = false;
        var isFormValid = false;
               firstFormValid = true;
        $("#submitGuestAccount").click(function () {
             if(firstFormValid ) {
             if($("#email").val().trim().length>0 &&$("#customer_firstname").val().trim().length>0 && $("#customer_lastname").val().trim().length>0 )  {
                 isFormValid = true;     
             } else isFormValid = false;
             } else firstFormValid =false; 
        $("#extraorderbutton").click(function () {
           if(isValid && firstFormValid)

    What are you think? How to add "Order" button properly and where is my mistake in jQuery script?


    May be i need to use selector from AuthController.php?

    // if register process is in two steps, we display a message to confirm account creation
    if (!Configuration::get('PS_REGISTRATION_PROCESS_TYPE'))
    	$this->context->cookie->account_created = 1;
    $customer->logged = 1;
    $this->context->cookie->email = $customer->email;
    $this->context->cookie->is_guest = !Tools::getValue('is_new_customer', 1);

    Thanks in advance!

  9. Hi everyone


    After successfully upgrade from to i made several test orders to be sure in checkout process. But now how is right way to delete these orders?


    Presta again don`t want to add button "delete order"


    I try with vekia  "Delete orders free" module but not work on 1.6 may be soon will be supported but i want now to delete my test orders.


    I can delete all orders from pscleaner module but i don`t want to delete all orders (for now).


    I can delete it from MSQL, only from one table or i need to delete it from several?



  10. I upgraded from 1.5.6 to


    i have activated my modified theme before i upgraded. 


    not the default one. 


    if i understand you right, its a difference which theme is activated before upgrade ? right


    I install clean prestashop. Import my modified 1.5 theme and then i upgrade to

    After upgrade i have 2 time problem meta! See picture:



    Today i will roll back first store that i test and will wait to next release - STABLE RELEASE!


    Dear Prestashop,

    I make several mistakes with 1.6 v! Thank you for distribution but you need to fix it. Integrating of responsive front and back office in one time is not god. I personaly want only 1.6 Back Office. I don`t want all of responsive technology in front office. 


    You tell: 1.6 will be possible to use 1.5 theme but? I read other topics and many people have problems...

  11. switch back to your previous version, i think ver 1.6 not stable yet.


    Agree! The few hours delay yesterday at the release of release are indicative that there seems to be problems with this version. I personally met some problems and I can not get my theme also modified from version 1.5 to work correctly on 1.6. Work, but I can not add the left column.
    I think the update should affect only the administration first and only then to introduce bootstrap for client end . Now many traders are confused because the new client part seems odd .
    I will be wait for next release. 
  12. You how upgrade? Do you change to default theme before upgrade?

    I activate default theme before upgrade.


    Now i try my other test shop. active other (modified) theme based on 1.5 - upgrade here from to and in theme config now i have two times category, two times CMS, two times index... one category i can enable (second one can`t) CMS and index to. And i see i this show left column on category page (on index none)


    Tomorrow i try to roll back first shop and upgrade but with active my modified theme.

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