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  1. Hi, I´m having a problem with prestashop 1.7.5 and this controller, it said this legend when I try to enter to the backoffice and some modules. I have checked similars post and I can confirm that the AdminDashboard controller exist, so I dont know how to fix this.
  2. Hi, I need to send a message to a customer that only has registered. Usualy I could send it by email, but I´m having set up problems with my hosting and local email so I´m temporary using the BO interfase. I have a place to send messages to orders from customers, but no one form the visitors that didn´t buy yet. Any ideas?
  3. For sure, if the event is "click", you can´t affect the functionality of the site, the only idea that came to my mind is to vanish the snowflaiks that overlap the mouse. The module is only it registred on actionfroncontroller & displayfooter, doesn´t appears at the home and dont let add it manualy, any idea? Either Way nice module
  4. Hi Mediacom87 the effect is nice for christmas, good job, the only detail is that I can´t see any interaction with the mouse. regards
  5. Hi, This module do exactly the oposite. If you have 1.7, go to catalog/products and on your top left will see a gear weel to access the import area
  6. Hi, thanks for your feedback, if you make it works with 1.7 please let us know regards
  7. Hi, I suppose you mean, anyway unless you share the bo link and credentials is not possible to visualize your error
  8. Take a look at your Theme module, usually has a section for custom css or custom js
  9. I`m not sure if it´s possible to remove "content" but with this module you can translate or change the name as well as remove ids, for example: https://nikpaul.com/shop/content/10-contact-us into https://nikpaul.com/shop/info/contact-us take a look at this link: https://www.sunnytoo.com/product/prestashop-removing-ids-urls-module-seo-friendly
  10. Hi Tanver, I don´t know that module, may be you should contact the developer. Another easily option is to create pages from Design/Pages menu, if you edit it you can set your own url in the url friendly field. Regards
  11. Hello D. Tengler, Thank you for your time and this great module, works fine. Just one small detail: The extra info it shows with 1-2 seconds delay as the response of the ajax, not at the moment when user click on the radius input, is it possible to change it? Thanks in advance.
  12. Nice module, but unfortunately it doesn´t allow to add html text. I believe this option should be ps native, In my webpage I need to add some styles and links to the text. Plain text it´s very limited.
  13. Hi Benjamin, go to that url (/classes/module/Module.php) and coment the following lines without require_once, like this, and try again: // If (false) is a trick to not load the class with "eval". // This way require_once will works correctly //if (eval('if (false){ '.$file."\n".' }') !== false) { require_once(_PS_MODULE_DIR_.$module.'/'.$module.'.php'); //} else { // $errors[] = sprintf(Tools::displayError('%1$s (parse error in %2$s)'), $module, substr($file_path, strlen(_PS_ROOT_DIR_))); //}
  14. Perdona, no te habia entendido correctamente, la configuracion te permite mostrar un u otro, no los 2 la vez. Deberías buscar un modulo para ello o alguien que te realice la programacion necesaria, saludos
  15. Hola, puedes activar la opcion de mostrar / ocultar o cambiar la config de los impuestos desde el menu Internacional / Impuestos, saludos
  16. I have found an acceptable solution, it's not flexible, required to know the carrier id but it solve the issue in 3 lines: (updating shipping.tpl) {if $carrier.id_reference == 'x'} //extra info here {/if}
  17. Hi AlexLm, maybe this module can help you: https://addons.prestashop.com/es/gestion-pedidos/49919-import-external-orders.html
  18. if you want to spend 650€/year with store commander it's a possibility but I believe there are other cheaper options
  19. Hello Maltit the best solution is to sync up you software (products & stock) with the online store. Depends on the software you are using there are several modules or you can use the api
  20. Sorry, I was editing my reply, Unfortunately I will need HTML not only for the css style but also for the links I need to add. Plain text it´s too limited.
  21. Hi, is it posible to create a style selector in the BO with a few styles for the plain text? Like boostrap styles : https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.0/components/alerts/
  22. Hi D. Tengles, yes, that´s what I`m lookin for
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