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  1. I need to send my PS 1.6 orders to Ongoing Warehouse API. See attachment for CSV import file for Ongoing. I need to automate this import. Check out: https://developer.ongoingwarehouse.com/ https://developer.ongoingwarehouse.com/Documentation-Structure https://developer.ongoingwarehouse.com/Examples testorder.csv
  2. I want 25% tax shown on the invoices without enabling tax in the shop, how can this be done for PS 1.6 ?
  3. What do you mean? I want the same coupon to apply on all the products in the cart. Not just one of them.
  4. How can customer use same voucher for 2 or more products in the cart? ProductA x 2 : 30 USD OFF WITH voucherA x2 ProductB : 30 USD OFF WITH voucherA Should be total 90 USD off by adding voucherA once to the cart. Now it gives just 30 USD off and I get error saying that voucherA already is used if I add it again. It should say: Error voucherA already used for all valid products in cart if I add it again.
  5. When I use Klarna payment module and verify my order, it changes the shipping price to my default carrier price! PLEASE HELP. PS Please see my video: https://www.dittnyebad.no/nettbutikk/shippingerror.wmv
  6. I have two sites with same PS version. One site adds the "id_attribute" and one does not add the "id_attribute" in the URL. Where can I fix this? See pictures.
  7. Looks like the correct file, but I copied the file from a working site now, but it did not help. Any ideas?
  8. HTML formatting is messed up on checkout page. PS 16 What file do I need to look into? See attachment.
  9. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! The admin-theme.css was there and had the correct size and content, but it did not work somehow. Very strange!
  10. http://www.massasjeshop.no/admin5x/ PS Version I copied ALL files from the org. site to the new site.
  11. After making a duplicate of my site, the back office looks like this for the new domain: http://prntscr.com/gl22x2 Please help. I have done this: From Existing site: obtain a sql dump of your existing shop (typically via phpmyadmin) download your production site root (ftp the existing root directory to your local machine). For New Domain create a new db on the new domain, remember to note your useid/pwd/servername/database name ftp up your existing shop to the new domain root via phpmymysql import your existing shops sql dump to your new domain edit your config/settings.inc.php mysql parms and change the values to those from your db create (see code below) ftp up your modified config/settings.inc.php to the new domain navigate to your back office and sign in using your old site credentials preferences-->seo and url's-->scroll down and change the 'shop domain name' and 'shop domain name ssl' to your www.yournewdomainname.com now navigate to your front office, you site should appear.
  12. Here is the email I got : Hello. This message is automatically generated. Please read the message carefully and make the necessary changes. We've detected that your web space has serious security flaws that could misused by intruders to leave malicious code change content of your web, send spam with and attack others. The unsafe software are: PrestaShop There may be more old software than this on your web space, this is only what our automatic check did. Read carefully the following points in our questions and answers about the safety and rights: http://www.domeneshop.no/faq?id=163&section=24 http://www.domeneshop.no/faq?id=161&section=24'>http://www.domeneshop.no/faq?id=161&section=24 If you have software that "not in use" on your web host, so you must delete the software from the web space. Make sure you follow good security practices for the admin name and admin password to your installed software (Drupal, Etomite, Joomla, WordPress, etc.), since user names and passwords that are easy to guess can be used to enter malicious software on your website. You then need to upgrade your software to the latest available version with no known security holes, and similarly for any extensions (components, extensions, modules, plugins like) you have installed. Take plugins first. Although you must correct this immediately acc. our terms, we will give you two week extended deadline. We check why the software is updated and known security holes is directed in two weeks. If outdated software with serious security holes still present, regardless of whether it was reported in this message or not, then we will be forced to shut the web space, so not your visitors or others could be harmed. We may also need to shut webspace earlier and immediately if security holes in the web space is actively being exploited, for example. in attacks against others or to spamming / phishing. With best regards - kundeservice@domeneshop.no (http://www.domeneshop.no/) tel: 03 333 (+47 22943333) Mon-Fri 9-12, 13-16 fax: (+47) 22943334
  13. PrestaShop v1.6.0.14 still secure? I have installed Security Patch Module Version1.0.2 (08/04/2015), but my hosting company want to take down my website because patching has stopped 08/04/2015. I cannot upgrade to new version because of many special changes. Can I prove somehow that PrestaShop v1.6.0.14 is secure? Is it? Or is there a way to upgrade to PrestaShop v1.6.1.10 without all my changes getting lost? One-Click upgrade changes too many files.
  14. I have the same problem on Any solution? I have another site with the same version, and the map is working there. I get this error: 34 Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/error-messages#missing-key-map-error_.kb @ js?v=3.exp&sensor=false:34 How can I fix this?
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