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  1. The objective is to find the best hosting platform for your shop by comparing real world website/providers. By letting everyone know you experiences Ideally, list the following: Prestashop version Database size Level of modifications Website(s) Hosting Provider Hosting plan/specs Experience (service, speeds etc) =================== Prestashop version: Database size: 3Gb Level of modifications: medium/heavy Website(s): sickboards.nl steezdistribution.com triple8.eu Hosting Provider: OVH Hosting plan/specs: SP-64 Server - E3-1270v6 - 64GB - SoftRaid 2x450GB SSD NVMe Experience (service, speeds etc): unmanaged so no service, speed is average, had a few downtimes, uses ISPconfig which is quite limited, setting up email has been a nightmare.
  2. Hi Are you still running on an a2hosting dedicated server? Your lighthouse rating for performance is only 58 might be something to look into
  3. So slight nuance You are allowed to have different nett prices as long as the gross price is the same, this will result in very ugly pricing for all countries that have a different VAT rate than your local VAT rate. @prestashop still waiting for a proper solution.
  4. I believe that is how the tax rules work but there is one major issue, you will have different incl tax prices for each rule and within the EU that is not allowed So if your base price is 100 someone in Germany would pay 120 euro and in Sweden 126 euro. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. Hi Is this module used for linking for instance US Shoe sizes to EU shoe sizes? Do you have a (demo) website where we can see it in action?
  6. From July first the EU will have a 10.000,- euro threshold, so if you sell this amount in a year to other EU countries you are obliged to sell the products with the VAT of that country. So basically that will mean you will have to set a VAT rate per EU country: https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/business/vat/modernising-vat-cross-border-ecommerce_en This is of course possible with Prestashop. BUT, as Prestashop base price is the price without VAT, each country will have a different price is they have a different VAT rate, while the EU demands that they are all the same. Example: Product A is 120,- in the France (so ex price is 100,-), but with how PS is structured the same price for a customer in Denmark (VAT is 25%) would be 125,- euro. But it has to also be 120,- Is/will there be a solution for this? Fiddling around with (negative) discounts is of course not really a solution
  7. Yes same here I am using Bitpay atm but their plugin is rather buggy, and their customer support is not very active. So I would not recommend. Coingate is much nicer but they require a lot of vetting (providing all documents in English, signed and stamped) Please use this link if you want to give it a try https://coingate.com/ref/sickboards?destination=register I looked at Coinbase but as you noticed they don't have a Presta plugin unfortunately.
  8. We have the same issue, quite annoying. Did any one find a solution?
  9. Where can I find it? Or is it still being made?
  10. Hi, will you also make a version which works with 1.7?
  11. Same here, strange that that is not possible as you cannot charge a different price in a different country as far as I know.
  12. Hi, it there also a module for 1.7?
  13. ps there is a type in your replacement: it should be: return basename(_PS_ROOT_DIR_.'/admin/'); with a _ before the PS_ROOT
  14. See above we had a 1.6 module ported to 1.7 by https://www.comm-on.nu/contact/ Probably best to see if you can buy the 1.6 and have them update it
  15. Hi, did any one try the ERP software? Did it work as expected? Can you created UPS/Shipping labels from the BO?
  16. We have had a module build by https://www.comm-on.nu/ It works great!
  17. Hello How do I have the filter (and all products) show in stead of the category blocks? I see it in the demo store but I cannot find the setting for it.
  18. Is there an addon to the module that will send customers an email for instance 2 weeks after their purchase with the request to write a review?
  19. We are running presta 1.7.5 and we recently noticed an issue with multi modules giving the same error: Refused to display '[link to module]' in a frame because an ancestor violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "frame-ancestors 'none'". Modules giving an error: Advanced Search 4 Creative Slider If we try it in IE7 it is giving an error but one can continue. What can we do to counter this problem?
  20. Hi Thanks again A question how do I avoid the label showing on the product page, or when you add a product in your cart (the popup)? And what does this toggle? "Enable availability in product list?" I don't see any change if I switch.
  21. We have the same issue @dtwfung you first need to turn on merchandise return: in customer service
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