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  1. Hi, referring to this subject, I modified the product-list.tpl file in many ways, even like your sugestion in this topic but the only place where the result it's OK is in the site search results, but not in the product list with the other products from the same category (like in the 2 images that i attached). For me it will be OK even if I can alterate the "available" green text or to have the extra "online only" red text, but in the long list with the all products from one category. Thank you.
  2. I didn't found the answer. Yes, I tried with 3 new fresh installs (different prestashop versions) and I got the same error. At the fourth attempt it worked. Then I meet another problem: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/271723-cash-on-delivery-404-error-when-friendly-url-is-enabled/?do=findComment&comment=1360887 but this is solved now. Thank you.
  3. Thank's man. I do the follow change on cashobdelivery.php file of the cashondelivery module and it's working. On the line 79, I replace the old line with this one: 'this_path_ssl' => Tools::getShopDomainSsl(true, true).__PS_BASE_URI__.'modules/'.$this->name.'/' to avoid the URL language prefix and now it's going weel. Thank's for the clue.
  4. Hy, I have a problem that look's like this: I have a prestahop installed with cash on delivery the only payment method activated. When friendly URL is activated the checkout is going well till I have to chose the payment method. Because my only payment method is COD, I choose it and when to go to the last step, to finish order I receive a 404 error like in the print screen attached. (PAGE NOT AVAILABLE We're sorry, but the Web adress you entered is no longer available) When the friendly URL is not enabled, things are going well and the orders can be done. Did enywone have the same problem? Thank You.
  5. I attached a jpg with the smarty, that is set to NO. It's interesting that it hapen's the same thing, even with other versions, like 1.4.9, or I try it with 3 fresh installs. Things are working great, i have a database imported from other prestashop magazine that use 1.4.6 version. After i import that database orders can be done but after i make some chaneges trough BO, things are changeing and i recive that type of problem in the last step of the checkout process. I think i will restart with a new install of prestashop, and i will do a backup of my database after every step of changes trough BO. Thanks.
  6. The version of prestashop that I use is: prestashop The payment methods are: Bank Wire and Cash on Delivery. The problem is that on the checkout page, the customer, when click's on the "I confirm my order" button, nothing heapens. That page is loading for minutes and the customer doesn't get's the message: Your order has been placed, and it will be processed as soon as possible. Thank you.
  7. When a customer wants to place an order and gets to the final step, clicks on the "I confirm my order" button and after ... the page is loading for minutes without confirming the order. The customer is confused and does not know if the order is saved. If the customer makes another click on the Confirm Order button, he gets the following message : "Cart cannot be loaded or an order has already been placed using this cart" If he received this message in BO the order is saved, but the customer has the above error message that I can find myself in BO Logs. On the server, in logs, there are several errors, like: mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/vhosts/.........................../httpdocs/10/vcon/tabs/AdminOrders.php on line 52, referer: http://........................../10/vcon/index.php?tab=AdminLogs&token=1f77c87d7c66d7c97c6187aa7cbf8154 or: [Mon Aug 26 22:45:05 2013] [warn] [client] mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Notice: Undefined index: indice_lang in /var/www/vhosts/............../httpdocs/10/tools/smarty/compile/9afe7357e51e14258b4d939c0b5e6e5fd5186f38.file.blocklanguages.tpl.php on line 45, referer: http://..................../10/modules/cashondelivery/validation.php [Mon Aug 26 22:45:05 2013] [warn] [client] mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /var/www/vhosts/................../httpdocs/10/tools/smarty/compile/9afe7357e51e14258b4d939c0b5e6e5fd5186f38.file.blocklanguages.tpl.php on line 45, referer: http://................../10/modules/cashondelivery/validation.php Did enywone else have this problem?
  8. Hello Benjamin, I made an upgrade from to and I have a problem. When I try to make an order, the page in step 5 is not loaded. In step 4, I can choose the carrier and when I want to go in step 5 (to choose the payment method), the page is not loaded unless the header, from the top of the page to the horizontal menu and everything after in blank. I searched to the forum but I didn't find enything. Can you help me or should I open a new topic? Thanks.
  9. Hy, I can't make my blockcart2 to have only one color in background, for the new theme 1.5 The default color for this block was grey and i was able to change it only in the bottom part of the cart. My question is: How can I make all background color to be light blue, like in the image I attach?
  10. position for blockcart2 must be in: 1. top of pages and 2. header of pages. So hook the module in booth places from back-office -> modules -> positions
  11. $attributes .= $attribute['name'].' '.$attribute['reference'].' '; this code works, but it must rebuilt the index in: BO -> preferences -> search
  12. i have the same necessity. Did someone find the way to find a product in the search field by the reference code assigned in a combination of a product? Thanks.
  13. The most simple is: <img src="{$base_dir}img/m/{$product_manufacturer->id}.jpg" alt="Give a Name"/>
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