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  1. Hello, When a customer lands on our store, is it possible to have customer's country pre-selected either by 1) customer selects the country himself by drop-down, or, 2) the country is automatically selected by IP? By pre-selecting I mean the same function where customer selects the country at checkout - so basically "copying" the country selection function from checkout to the frontend. I need this to be pre-selected on frontend before the customer start browsing the products. The reason why I am asking this is that currently a customer from another country is seeing the shipping methods and costs associated with the default country and probably does not even realise that before he changes the country at the checkout - which is not optimal. We are already using IP geotargeting for other purposes, but haven't found a way to change the country by it. But like I said, simple country dropdown would be sufficient. Any thoughts?
  2. Hello! I need a function which checks if the product reviewer's email address exists in the customers table and if so, show the "Verified customer" text next to that product review. I have already modified the default Product Comments module to ask reviewer's email address, so the email being saved into database. Any idea how to accomplish this?
  3. Did anyone find a solution to this? I'm having the same problem, it gives server error (500)
  4. In this case the email attachement does not work, because the system should be able retrieve the actual pdf file directly from the server using certain url. For a simplified example something like: mydomain.com/invoices/INVOICENUMBER.pdf
  5. Hello. We are using a third party logistics operator who handles our orders. We have integrated Prestashop with their system, but we still have one problem: How to add the invoice pdf into the third party system. One solution would be to automatically save the invoice pdf file to the server as soon as the order is created, and let the system retrieve it from there. But I don't know how to save that pdf - anyone? Or any other approach to this?
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