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  1. Thanks Paul, but footer hasn't got any movable block in Positions> Live Edit, even company address neither CMS block. Any other solutions are very welcome
  2. You are welcome Paul, However, i don't think that is caused by the position. When i checked Back office > Modules > positions i see HTMLbox hooked displayFooter (where it belongs, i quess) So still need help,
  3. Hi Vekia, First of all, thank you very much for numereous helps you made with old and solved topics Maybe hundred times i encountered right solution in your comments. Actually, this is wired that my first question comes from aduquetly easy problem: I want to add a custom (but similar to CMS block) to the footer. Here is my sites address: store.parafinn.com i tried many things but always end up with adding the new column just after the My Account column :/ i can't find a solution for that. Here is the code i used: <section class="footer-block col-xs-12 col-sm-3" id="block_various_links_footer"> <h4>Bilgi</h4> <ul class="toggle-footer"> <li class="item"><a href="http://store.parafinn.com/contact-us" title="İletişim">İletişim</a></li> <li class="item"><a href="http://store.parafinn.com/content/1-teslimat" title="Teslimat ve Kargo">Teslimat ve Kargo</a></li> <li class="item"><a href="http://store.parafinn.com/content/2-yasal-uyari" title="Yasal Uyarı">Yasal Uyarı</a></li> <li class="item"><a href="http://store.parafinn.com/content/3-kullanici-sozlesmesi" title="Kullanıcı Sözleşmesi">Kullanıcı Sözleşmesi</a></li> <li class="item"><a href="http://store.parafinn.com/content/4-hakkimizda" title="Hakkımızda">Hakkımızda</a></li> <li class="item"><a href="http://store.parafinn.com/content/5-guvenli-odeme" title="Güvenli Ödeme">Güvenli Ödeme</a></li> <li class="item"><a href="http://store.parafinn.com/content/6-iade-ve-iptal-kusullari" title="İade ve İptal Kuşulları">İade ve İptal Kuşulları</a></li> <li class="item"><a href="http://store.parafinn.com/content/category/2-duyurular" title="EXTRA">EXTRA</a></li> <li class="item"><a href="http://store.parafinn.com/content/7-aktiviteler" title="Aktiviteler">Aktiviteler</a></li> </ul> </section> Here is the code, after i click on "Save" and re-enter the HTMLbox module (it somehow delete <section> ...) <h4>Bilgi</h4> <ul class="toggle-footer"> <li class="item"><a href="http://store.parafinn.com/contact-us" title="İletişim"> İletişim </a></li> <li class="item"><a href="http://store.parafinn.com/content/1-teslimat" title="Teslimat ve Kargo"> Teslimat ve Kargo </a></li> <li class="item"><a href="http://store.parafinn.com/content/2-yasal-uyari" title="Yasal Uyarı"> Yasal Uyarı </a></li> <li class="item"><a href="http://store.parafinn.com/content/3-kullanici-sozlesmesi" title="Kullanıcı Sözleşmesi"> Kullanıcı Sözleşmesi </a></li> <li class="item"><a href="http://store.parafinn.com/content/4-hakkimizda" title="Hakkımızda"> Hakkımızda </a></li> <li class="item"><a href="http://store.parafinn.com/content/5-guvenli-odeme" title="Güvenli Ödeme"> Güvenli Ödeme </a></li> <li class="item"><a href="http://store.parafinn.com/content/6-iade-ve-iptal-kusullari" title="İade ve İptal Kuşulları"> İade ve İptal Kuşulları </a></li> <li class="item"><a href="http://store.parafinn.com/content/category/2-duyurular" title="EXTRA"> EXTRA </a></li> <li class="item"><a href="http://store.parafinn.com/content/7-aktiviteler" title="Aktiviteler"> Aktiviteler </a></li> </ul> Thanks in advance, Anil
  4. Hello, I am using prestashop since 2012,April and things gone pretty well so far. However, my service provider hostgator.com has some problems during these days caused by server failure. So my web site becomes inaccessible. What i am trying to do is setting up another server, with exactly same parameters, and use this two servers at the same. I can manage this by adding the second servers ip address to hostgator.com DNS section. Whenever the DNS provider can not access the prstashop site located in hostgator servers, the DNS server redirects the customer to my second server. Everything goes well so far. My problem is, having two different SQL servers, which causes my datas to spread in two servers. Are there anyway to merge these two sql servers whenever they became available? Thanks, Anil
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