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  1. Thanks for the reply! If i may ask another question, when I've finished building my Prestashop store and am ready to make the switch, which procedure would be the most logical? Create a 301 in /zencart/ to /prestashop/? When the customers then try to access a "zen cart product link" in Bing or Google they'll be forwarded to my custom 404/sitemap in Prestashop, right?
  2. Hi! I'm migrating from Zen Cart to Prestashop. My Google ranking is currently very good and i fear the migration will negatively affect the ranking. Is there a secret tip on maintaining the ranking or should I simply migrate and wait for the new addresses to climb? My current setup doesn't use "SEO friendly" urls, but my prestashop shop does. When it comes to the actual migration, im buying a module to do the work
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. But, as you said, display:none still loads the code... :| I think I'll just move the product footer hook. If I need a new "product footer hook" I can create a rev2 when that day comes. More suggestions?
  4. Great looking site! I've been looking for both a slideshow like yours and new/featured/bestseller/discount sliders as well. Care to share the modules names?
  5. Hi I'm trying to hook the cross selling module to Extra Right (displayRightColumnProduct), but cannot get it to display without also hooking it to Product Footer (displayFooterProduct). This is the module code /** * Returns module content for left column */ public function hookProductFooter($params) { $orders = Db::getInstance(_PS_USE_SQL_SLAVE_)->executeS(' SELECT o.id_order FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'orders o LEFT JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'order_detail od ON (od.id_order = o.id_order) WHERE o.valid = 1 AND od.product_id = '.(int)$params['product']->id); if (sizeof($orders)) { $list = ''; foreach ($orders AS $order) $list .= (int)$order['id_order'].','; $list = rtrim($list, ','); $orderProducts = Db::getInstance(_PS_USE_SQL_SLAVE_)->executeS(' SELECT DISTINCT od.product_id, pl.name, pl.link_rewrite, p.reference, i.id_image, product_shop.show_price, cl.link_rewrite category, p.ean13 FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'order_detail od LEFT JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'product p ON (p.id_product = od.product_id) '.Shop::addSqlAssociation('product', 'p').' LEFT JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'product_lang pl ON (pl.id_product = od.product_id'.Shop::addSqlRestrictionOnLang('pl').') LEFT JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'category_lang cl ON (cl.id_category = product_shop.id_category_default'.Shop::addSqlRestrictionOnLang('cl').') LEFT JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'image i ON (i.id_product = od.product_id) WHERE od.id_order IN ('.$list.') AND pl.id_lang = '.(int)$this->context->language->id.' AND cl.id_lang = '.(int)$this->context->language->id.' AND od.product_id != '.(int)$params['product']->id.' AND i.cover = 1 AND product_shop.active = 1 ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 10 '); $taxCalc = Product::getTaxCalculationMethod(); foreach ($orderProducts AS &$orderProduct) { $orderProduct['image'] = $this->context->link->getImageLink($orderProduct['link_rewrite'], (int)$orderProduct['product_id'].'-'.(int)$orderProduct['id_image'], 'medium'); $orderProduct['link'] = $this->context->link->getProductLink((int)$orderProduct['product_id'], $orderProduct['link_rewrite'], $orderProduct['category'], $orderProduct['ean13']); if (Configuration::get('CROSSSELLING_DISPLAY_PRICE') AND ($taxCalc == 0 OR $taxCalc == 2)) $orderProduct['displayed_price'] = Product::getPriceStatic((int)$orderProduct['product_id'], true, NULL); elseif (Configuration::get('CROSSSELLING_DISPLAY_PRICE') AND $taxCalc == 1) $orderProduct['displayed_price'] = Product::getPriceStatic((int)$orderProduct['product_id'], false, NULL); } $this->smarty->assign(array('order' => false, 'orderProducts' => $orderProducts, 'middlePosition_crossselling' => round(sizeof($orderProducts) / 2, 0), 'crossDisplayPrice' => Configuration::get('CROSSSELLING_DISPLAY_PRICE'))); } return $this->display(__FILE__, 'crossselling.tpl'); } Not even when I copy the above code and swap public function hookProductFooter($params) with public function hookExtraRight($params) does it output anything. I've added <div id="pb-extra-right"> {if isset($HOOK_EXTRA_RIGHT) && $HOOK_EXTRA_RIGHT}{$HOOK_EXTRA_RIGHT}{/if} </div> to product.tpl, which (as i said) displays the module nicely when it is also hooked to the product footer (default hook). What am I missing? I'm new to Prestashop and Smarty, but wth Sure, I could just move the product footer hook to the new location(id=pb-extra-right), but I figure I would be neat to still be able to use it for other modules.
  6. Ok, I've worked a little more. In this guide this should be added to themodule.php: function hookNameOfHook($params){ return $this->processHook( $params,"NameOfHook");} but, when experimenting with Prestashop blocklinks module it returns a blank page. When checking the Apache error log: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method BlockLink::processHook() in... I changed the function to function hookNameOfHook($params) { return $this->hookLeftColumn($params); } which works, but doesn't seem right as I'm only copying the left column. Is this OK coding standard? :| Also, this tutorial says "registerHook" should run, but not the above guide. Is it necessary?
  7. Hi! I'm new to Prestashop, new to Smarty, new forum member and am writing my first post I'm trying to create a new hook in 1.5. I've googled it quite a bit and tried several guides for 1.4, but I feel all is different... some uses frontcontroller.php override, some does not. Some uses a "registerhook" somehow, some does not. All are sparsely described and none is for 1.5. What I want to do is to position blocklayerednavigation horizontally in category/product pages. I'm certain I'll be able to reformat the module itself, but first I need to position it using a new hook. I'd love to learn positioning the right way as I'm pretty picky when it comes to code... If not a detailed guide I'd love to be pointed in the correct direction.
  8. Hej du! Hur går det med översättningen? Om du vill kan vi köra co-op Håller på att bygga tema nu och det skulle underlätta med "alla" översättningar på plats.
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