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  1. Alguno tendra la modificacion para PS 1.6? funciona relativamente bien, pero no deja ver los detalles de los eventos.
  2. [Free Module] Xtreme cache

    i keep getting this error, [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file : modules\xtremecache\xtremecache.php: syntax error, unexpected T_STATIC truly dont know what that means
  3. Im getting the same error and sometimes a redirect loop if any solution, please be so kind
  4. i need guiadance my shop bodegadelibros.com.mx i got some visits, however not a single item is being sold, and i dont have a clue why is that.
  5. Buenas tardes necesito un Hosting para prestashop

    Inmotion hosting? yo actualmente uso hostgator, pero estoy pensando en cambiarme a la nube.. cuantos productos tienes que capacidades necesitas. eso depende mucho
  6. I done broke my site and I can't fix it.

    could you set the shop at dev mode?
  7. Dh42, could you check my site: bodegadelibros.com.mx
  8. Benos dias Es posible tener un "clon" de mi prestashop, y usar las imagenes (TODAS, no unicamente de los productos, sino tambien, favicon, logos, todo) en el sitio clon? Segun yo para hacer eso debo de ir a defines.inc.php en config ( no no deseo usar servidores multimedia, puesto que unicamente son para los productos)
  9. Actually belive it or not its more about the internet connection rather than the server itself. what if i change this. insted? on the define.inc.php define('_PS_STORE_IMG_DIR_
  10. no, actually the thing is that the company i work for brought a server, but for some technical reasons, i cant put that server on the web, but i dont want to do all the import export, clients transfer fom the server to the web.
  11. ok, how do i open the remote mysql and the media servers?
  12. is it possible to have two stores and one of them using the database and images from the other? (the store name and details are the same) if so how to?
  13. [Duda] ¿Existe algún modulo de stock?

    Busco lo mismo- sobre todo cuando yo ya tengo 6 tiendas fisicas
  14. well i would like to get the information of the books from google, since aparently publishers dont pass details other than name isbn and price.. but what about description image, size, etc. i figurate google books could be a nice source, but if you guys got other idea, im all in for it.
  15. im in need of a freelancer that can help me with a module or tweak that retrive google books information, that is provided by the google books api, and let me get the information about books like description autor name and image