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  1. Hello, thank you very much for the module, very nice. Is there a way to change the cookies expiration time to 0? I would like to show the disclaimer on every session. [edit]: I answer myself: Adding $this->context->cookie->setExpire(0); in /modules/ageverification/controllers/front/av.php at line 26 did the trick.
  2. Did you guys found any solution? I have this problem too, it happens once in a while and my ps version is The only thing can handle address other than ps is paypal, could it be his fault? Regards.
  3. I have the same (big) problem on v1.7.2.0. Any solution? Do you know if we can at least configure the Cart to reset itself after ie. 6 hours? This could be a temporary solution while we are searching for a better one.
  4. Same here, if debug mode is off, I get an error 500 when I load the backend. My PS version is already 1.7.1, it's on HTTPS and has custom backend url (www.mydomain.com/custom-name) Any idea?
  5. Hi, what is your prestashop version? I did the exactly the same change and it worked, I use version If you use a custom theme, make sure to make this change in the correct directory: //themes/YOUR-THEME/authentication.tpl Regards, Francesco:
  6. Hello, I have a similar problem: I would need to add a Vat Number Column in Clients Grid, is it possible?
  7. Hi Arteinfo, I just inteslled your cookie law module and so far it seems just good. Just 1 question: I guess I would need to edit the code, in order to set the target link from "blank" to "self", right?
  8. I just downloaded it and tried again but It keep getting 0 submitted, as I said before it is an edit check problem, is it possible to change the javascript function to submit the rows even if there are no editing? Edit: I just used the replace function in your module and worked well, so there is no need of external chrome extention and the related fixing: everithing works well just by using the standard functions of your module. Thanks for your assistance.
  9. Ok, I found my problem: I'm using a browser plugin to find/replace the text I need to change, so your module does not recognize it like an editing (the row does not become grey), so nothing is submitted. I will try other solutions for my editing. Thanks anyway for such a great module.
  10. Hi musicmaster, thanks for your answer. Yes, you are right, it seems I can't choose different features for different shops in a multistore. I'm facing another problem now: after I edit for instance 20 short_description fileds, if I click on "submit all" I don't get any submission, if I save one by one the fields are saved. Am I doing something wrong or there is some kind of bug?
  11. Hello, I have a multistore and I want to change a feature value for each one. I bought the features extension, but when I change this value on one store it also changes on the other one. Is it possible to fix it? PS version: Thanks
  12. Hi Crezzur, thanks for your reply. We already did this. Now the user group with limited access can go in the category page but they will see an error message, due their limited access. What we want to do now is to hide the links of these categories from top menu to this specific user group: how can the code be changed to get this results? Alternatively I was thinking about duplicate the top menu module and show different menus for any user group. Anyone can help?
  13. Hello, we have excluded some categories to some specific user groups using the apposite backend options, now we would like to hide these categories from top menu module to that user groups. Is it possible? How can the code be changed to get this result? Our PS version is Thanks in advance.
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