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  1. Danke für die schnelle Rückmeldung! Ja, die Datenbank ist UTF-8. Ob ich da von 1&1 eine vernünftige Antwort drauf bekomme??? :-) Gibt es denn irgendeine Möglichkeit, das Problem shopseitig zu umgehen, indem ich bspw. die Umlaute vor Absenden der Mail konvertiere? Wo müsste ich das machen - kann die entsprechenden Stellen leider nicht finden...
  2. Hallo zusammen, in letzter Zeit häuften sich die Rückfragen von Kunden, die keine Bestellbestätigung und auch sonst eine systemseitigen Mails bekommen habe. Wir haben jetzt festgestellt, dass es offenbar alles Kunden sind, die einen Umlaut im Namen haben (wohlgemerkt nur im Namen, nicht in der E-Mail-Adresse). Hat jemand eine Erklärung hierfür bzw. einen Tipp, wie wir das Problem beheben können??? Vielen Dank! Sassenach
  3. Thanks for your answer, phrasespot! Unfortunately, when I replace it by the line you proposed, I'm getting this message: Fatal error: Smarty error: [in /myshop/themes/blackwhite/modules/productcomments//productcomments.tpl line 116]: syntax error: unrecognized tag: smarty.server.REQUEST_URI|escape:'htmlall':'utf-8' (Smarty_Compiler.class.php, line 446) in /myshop/tools/smarty_v2/Smarty.class.php on line 1095 Any ideas??? Thanx a lot for your help Sassenach
  4. Habe es gelöst: der onSubmit-Befehl (onsubmit="return acceptCGV() gehörte in das <form>-Tag und nicht in das Submit-Tag, in dem es vorher drin war...
  5. For me it worked (PS I would say: install Firebug and take a look at the thumbnails to see which part of the css you have to change to transparent. Greetz Sassenach
  6. Beim Händlerbund gibt es einen ganz praktischen Widerrufstextgenerator für die seit 04.08. gültige Widerrufsbelehrung: http://www.haendlerbund.de/widerrufstextgenerator Der Original-Gesetzestext findet sich im Bundesgesetzblatt vom 03.08.2011: http://www.bgbl.de/Xaver/start.xav?startbk=Bundesanzeiger_BGBl&start=//*[@attr_id=%27bgbl111s1600.pdf%27] VG Sassenach
  7. Hi Chris, I got the same problem with the tax. Tried total_tax - not working either. As for delivery and invoice address, I'm using the following variables and they are working pretty well: {delivery_company} {delivery_firstname} {delivery_lastname} {delivery_address1} {delivery_address2} {delivery_postal_code} {delivery_city} {delivery_country} {delivery_state} {delivery_phone} {delivery_other} and the same for invoice_ ... Someone's got a suggestion for the tax? Thanks a lot! Sassenach
  8. Can anyboldy help me with this? Can't find a solution... Thanks a lot! Sassenach
  9. I'm allowing product comments for registered users only, so I've got a login link in the product comments tab on the products page. For usability reasons, I would like the user to come back to this exact page after logging in. What I found out is that this can be reached by adding a parameter 'back' to the login-url, but: how do I fill this parameter? <a href="{$base_dir}authentication.php?back={CURRENT_PAGE}"> Question is: what do I have to replace CURRENT_PAGE with???? Thanks for your help!!!! Sassenach
  10. change the file yourshop/css/jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.css replace #fancybox-outer { background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #FFFFFF; height: 100%; position: relative; width: 100%; } with #fancybox-outer { background: none repeat scroll 0 0 transparent; height: 100%; position: relative; width: 100%; } This should do the trick... Greetz, Sassenach
  11. Got the same problem. The only solution I found here in the forum was to reinstall the PayPal module - but this was an answer from 2009 and I just don't want to believe that in version it's still the same problem. Anybody found a solution to this??? I've been searching for hours now .... Greetz, Sassenach
  12. Ok, seems like I got it. I replaced the OrderOpcController.php (like ysco proposed in the other thread to this subject) by the same file from the current I just hope it's not messing anything else up because of some incompatibilities, but I'll just have to check that thouroughly. Thanks for your input! Sassenach
  13. Hi zoveress, thanks for your quick reply. You're right, but it was the other way around: in the one page checkout the error messages are showing. Problem is: I don't want the one page checkout :-). And obviously it's not only that the error messages are not showingn in standard checkout, valid vouchers are not accepted / displayed either. ... Sassenach
  14. Did anybody find a solution to this? I'm working with PS and I've got the same problem. No matter if I'm using a valid or an invalid voucher code, nothing happens - no confirmation, no error message, nothing. Just a reload of the same page... I already tried copying the <form>....</form> section from the original prestashop theme shopping_cart.tpl, because I'm using another template, but this didn't change anything either... There must be a solution to this - anybody know it? Sassenach
  15. J'ai le même problème: je voudrais insérer un lien sur "authentication.php" dans le module productcomments sur la page produit et faire retourner le client sur la page produit originaire. J'ai trouvé des liens du style "authentication.php?back=cellepageci.php" - qui me paraissaient parfait, mais combien peux-je faire pour ajouter la page produit correspondante? J'ai essayé avec $_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’], mais il paraît que je n'arrive pas à mettre la syntaxe correcte. Voici le code où je voudrais insérer le lien sur la page active: {l s='Please' mod='productcomments'} {l s='login' mod='productcomments'} {l s='to post a new comment.' mod='productcomments'} Quoi insérer au lieu de XXXXX? :-) Et: est-ce que ça peut fonctionner? La solution dans le post mentionné par petitemarie me paraît beaucoup plus compliquée... Quelqu'un qui pourrait m'aider? Merci beaucoup! Sassenach
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