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  1. Hello, I migrated my module from old displayPrice to the new formatPrice function. So far so good. But I have now a request to display a different price precision for the module than for the rest of the shop. So for example the shop displays: 10,51€ and the Module shall display 3 decimals 10,509 € Does anyone know how to achieve that without writing a complete own formatPrice function? Many thanks in advance
  2. I did a clean install of PS 1.7.5 locally and there it seems to work. The interesting part is that the customer did a upgrade and afterwards the alread existing Articels did not work anymore with the Modules. BUT, by adding a new article the Modules Section works for them. SO => old articels are not useable anymore with module. New ones work. Strange strange
  3. Hello, I have a issue with a customers Shop where my Module is used. The customer did a upgrade to 1.7.5 and now the Module (which is hooked to hookDisplayAdminProductsExtra shown in the Article at Modules Section). Does not load anymore. The only response I can see is "Settings successfully updated", but the module Tab did not open or anything else. Same happens to other modules which are hooked to hookDisplayAdminProductsExtra. Does anyone have an idea? I saw the issue : https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/issues/11657 But I think this shall be already included in Any help is appreciated. Regards Simon
  4. using hookActionFrontControllerSetMedia did not change the behaviour. Can the JAvascript hooks be disabled at the produts page?
  5. Hello, I am facing a problem at PS where I wanted to use Javascript files for my module. But the above hook does not include any JS file to the Products Page (but CSS files are added). But it works for the ProductList and other pages, where I use it. Do I need to use another hook for including the JS files after JQuer Core has been included for the Product Page? public function hookdisplayHeader( $params ) { $this->context->controller->registerJavascript('modules-mymod1', 'modules/'.$this->name.'/views/js/myjs1.js', array('position' => 'bottom', 'priority' => 100)); $this->context->controller->registerJavascript('modules-mymod2', 'modules/'.$this->name.'/views/js/myJS.js', array('position' => 'bottom', 'priority' => 150)); } Many Thanks in advance
  6. The basically updated version for PS 1.7 was sent to prestashop. So it will be available soon in the store. Regards
  7. In 1.7.0.x the Modules hooked to the Admin Product were accessed via a drop down, but now in they are accessed via a box layout selection. But if you click in this section on the modules config button it only says, "Settings updated successfully" but you cannot edit the settings for the module. Normally you should see the settings the module offers for the product, this worked flawless in 1.7.0.x Does anyone also see this problem? It looks that the upgrade distroyed the functionality even more.
  8. Anyone has a solution for file uploads in the backoffice using the default hook hookActionProductUpdate ? Or is it really needed to add a custom ajax uploader only for the own module?
  9. Hello developer collegues, I need your help. I want to trigger some action on the product page if the customer changes for exampel the sze or weight of a product. In earlier prestashops it did not call the cart and the product with a ajax request to update its price. Now I have the issue that I do not know when the update call is finished. Does prestashop provide a special hook for the products page then the update of the price was done or is there a jquery Deferred object i can monitor? like $.when( objProdutUpdateDone ).then(function(){ doMyModulePrierelatedstuff(); }); Many Thanks in advance
  10. Okay, this is a workaround for the multiple calls. Thanks for that hint. Do you also have found a solution for the failing image upload? Is it not possbile anymore using a default html form? Regards
  11. Does anyone has a Idea how to get a image uploaded in the hookDisplayAdminProductsExtra Tab on the hookActionProductUpdate or the default save functionality in PS1.7?
  12. Hi, I am still adapting my modules to 1.7 and seeing now problems in the backoffice tabs. Now I have the issue that the working 1.6 version with adaptions to 1.7 now displays at the hookDisplayAdminProductsExtra at the Products, but did not submit images and pdf files. Also if I dump the $_FILES, it is a empty array. So i checked the form upload and added debug output in the "hookActionProductUpdate". There I noticed that it got called 8 times instead of only once after pressing the save button. Does anyone know why this occurs? I wanted to update the DB and Upload a FIle at the hookActionProductUpdate, the select field got submitted but the previous workin files are not submitted. Was there a change in 1.7 ? Has anyone a working example of file upload at the hookDisplayAdminProductsExtra ? Many Thanks in advance
  13. Hi, you can change the size the images are saved to the filesystem in the private function saveIMGtoFS( $idProduct, $langcode = "en" ) in the line: ImageManager::resize($tmp_name, dirname(__FILE__).'/uploads/labels/'.$img_name, 150,289,'jpg',true) Or you can simply change it via css in the saeucss.css .energyEfficiencyIMGLabelC{ max-width: 200px !important; } for example to: .energyEfficiencyIMGLabelC{ max-width: 300px !important; width: 300px; } But more detailed support, please use the addons support request feature. Regards
  14. Hi, many thansk for the response. javascript is now added but the $this->registerHook('displayTop') and the regarding fucntion public function hookDisplayTop( $params ) are not executed. Any hint why it does not execute? is the function renamed?
  15. Hello, I started to test my modules with 1.7. I have a module which hooks to hookDisplayTop: public function install() { return parent::install() && $this->registerHook('header') && $this->registerHook('backOfficeHeader') && $this->registerHook('displayTop'); } public function hookDisplayTop( $params ) { .. ..... return $this->display( __FILE__, 'views/templates/front/hookDisplayTop.tpl' ); } But the tpl file is not added also no JS, does anynone know why this hook does not work as before? Is there a detailed change list or migration guide? Horrible 1.7
  16. Hi all, I started to rewrite some of my modules to the 1.7 Prestashop, a lot of smarty globals were removed, okay (not nice but workaroud is possible), But since I use smarty content in my JS i put the jquery based scripts into the tpl files, but now i get a undefined reference error, since Jquery is appened at the end of the DOM. Is it really required to put all my js now in a seperate js file and only put some dynamic values into the tpl files? So that the js file can access it? Is there a smarter solution for that? EDIT: this is also not including the needed formatCurrencyCldr function. *grml* public function hookdisplayHeader($params) { $this->context->controller->addJS(_PS_JS_DIR_.'tools.js'); } EDIT2: how can I get the current selected id_product_attribute in JS? In the past there was a input field, but now it seems first to send a cart refresh before adding the product to the cart. So multi level ajax calls needed ;( Regards
  17. Hello, I have a customer which is using one of my modules, and the customer has the followng issue with PS If the cache is enabled the smarty variables are not updated in the tpl file. I also tested it by setting a hardcoded value, but the shop still reports the previous set value. Only after cleaning the cache the value gets applied to the tpl. But this shall not happen or? The code snippet looks like this and is called at the public function hookDisplayTop( $params ): $this->context->smarty->assign( array ( 'ownText' =>"TEST" ) ); return $this->display( __FILE__, 'views/templates/front/hookDisplayTop.tpl' ); So if I set the value, clear cache the value is correct on the frontend but without cleaning but updating the "ownText" it still displays the old text. Does anyone have any hint why this is not working as expected? Regards
  18. Bist du im Richtigen PS Kanal ? Kann man soweit ich mich erinnere auch nochmal gesondert auswählen. Sonst suchst im falschen (alten) Bereich.
  19. Je nach dem was für Klassen du benötigst kannst du diese ja gezielt einbinden oder die config.inc.php Grüße
  20. Wieso importierst du die Produkte wo du gar nicht brauchst? Ich würde eher schauen dass du deine Quelle sauber hast , die Produkte ohne Bild einfach nicht importieren. Oder habe ich das Problem missverstanden?
  21. Das geht sicherlich nur wenn du dir ein eigenen override schreibst oder die Logik in der product-list.tpl hinzufügst. Kann natürlich recht komplex werden wenn man AxBxCx...xZ. Varianten.
  22. Ob das konfigurierbar ist weiß ich gerade nicht aber du kannst die category tpl anpassen damit die subcategories nicht angezeigt werden. Aber vll kann man es inzwischen einstellen, war schon lang nicht mehr im Backoffice stöbern.
  23. Config anpassen und im Backend evtl neue Domain einpflegen. Immer ratsam prestashop Cache leeren und htaccess neu generieren
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