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  1. Hello Milos, I just would like to know your opinion in my case: I turned on multistore on Allow iFrames -> ON, save (cache off, force compilation ON) in the order process there is a step with check box: Accept terms and conditions. After click on the link it should popup my terms. But it will not. It will open the terms and conditions in the same page (with condition ?content_only=1). Thank you for your help... Lubos
  2. Hi, just found a solution for me, maybe will be usefull for someone... 1) Move images (Preferences Images); I probably switch to new file system in my previous PS... 2) Regenerate thumbnails (no error found ) 3) Legacy image filesystem -> NO Save, refresh, works. Thanks. Lubos
  3. Hi, just found a solution for me, maybe will be usefull for someone... 1) Move images (Preferences Images); I probably switch to new file system in my previous PS... 2) Regenerate thumbnails (no error found ) 3) Legacy image filesystem -> NO Save, refresh, works. Thanks. Lubos
  4. Hello Vekia, I got this problem after upgrade form to No images for all products and after regeneration only error message: Original image is missing or empty (/home/gdb/root/e-shop/img/p/5/0/50.jpg) Images are in /img/p/ directory named as: 50-238.jpg 50-238-home_default.jpg 50-238-large_default.jpg Some chance to get them automaticaly into correct folder, or need to load all images manually again? Thanks, Lubos
  5. Hi, I have the same problem; after upgrade form to all images was not found. In back office was not possible to proceed with image regeneration as images was not found in the original directories: 1/2 year ago I upgraded form to maybe is related to old file system, but is only my guess. Thanks for help! Lubos Edit: Well, I found the images in /img/p/ directory named as: 50-238.jpg 50-238-home_default.jpg 50-238-large_default.jpg ... some chance to rebuild the file structure? Thanks, Lubos
  6. Hello, I updated to and I cannot see the box where customer can put his e-mail address for product availability notification. As well the customer rating (stars) are missing and add second customer comment is not possible. Maybe something with the hooks? Thanks for advice Lubos
  7. tema / product-list.tpl najdi riadok 53 {if isset($product.available_for_order) && $product.available_for_order && !isset($restricted_country_mode)}<span class="availability">{if ($product.allow_oosp || $product.quantity > 0)}{l s='Available'}{elseif (isset($product.quantity_all_versions) && $product.quantity_all_versions > 0)}{l s='Product available with different options'}{else}{l s='Out of stock'}{/if}</span>{/if} a nahrad {if isset($product.available_for_order) && $product.available_for_order && !isset($restricted_country_mode)}<span class="availability">{if $product.quantity <= 0}{$product.available_later}{else if $product.allow_oosp}{$product.available_now}{/if}</span>{/if} snad pomoze
  8. Hello (\)icholas, Thanks for feedback! for me is working this fix perfectly! Thanks again!
  9. Hello (\)icholas, I found that if I will change cover picture from the first picture to second picture the problem will disappear. I don't understand what's wrong and sitll searchng for a solution Also If I will load new picture for the product and set this as cover, the problem will still remain... Appreciate your cooperation
  10. Hello, I have one problem with images as well. I upgraded PS from to, all is OK, but in blockviewed (last viewed products) I cannot see some images. Interesting is that the problem is not related to all products. Only some products have this problem and their pictures cannot be dispalyed in this block. Instead of the picture you can see NO PICTURE (?). I removed the pictures, loaded back, set chmod, regenerated. All in various steps, spent some hours to try all pissiblw solutions. Some idea how to fix this problem? Thank you..
  11. Hello, is there some way how to set how many photoframes of people who liked the page will be displayed? In current configuration to see module frame bottom part I need to display 45 people. Can be configured to see only 6? or 12 contacts? Or is related fo FB settings? page is: e-shop.smartpro.sk ver: Thanks! Lubos
  12. Hello phrasespot, The DB is 16MB. I posted correction. This was a problem on web service provider side. I was checking on web administration page and the information about DB size was 16GB. But when I connect to DB admin I found DB size is 16MB. I pointed this problem to web service provider and he made correction to his admin page. So no problem with DB size. Is 16MB and this is correct. L.
  13. Found this: I have same problem. Unofficial solution is here: open file controllers/OrderController.php and delete line 110 ($this->_assignAddress() After deleting everything will work. can be related to my problem?? LL
  14. Provider sent me some details about the overload. He says is about CPU timing, in every 10min CPU time is set for 200sec. If this time is reached protection will be activated. Normaly the timing is 0,4 - 4sec. I did not mention is shared server for more domains, not only one. So can be related to redirection loops? How to check / improve? many thanks!
  15. Hello Benamin, Regarding the memory limit, reply from provider is: Memory limit is aprox. 200-250 MB for php.
  16. Guys, as much I'm studying this problem with server overload, I'm more and more sure it is the prestashop problem... if some customer will start to place new order in step 2, I found this in access log repeated more than 700x this from the same IP address: "GET /order.php?step=2 HTTP/1.1" 302 xxxxx "http://xxx/order.php" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; GTB7.4)" This is probably causing server overload. If you will add another customers who are browsing web pages it will crash down for sure. But why this is repeating??? PLS HELP!
  17. OK let me check, Thank you for your answers. Lubos
  18. Hi, do somebody know how many system resources is consuming backoffice? Is it possible that problem will occure only during time when I'm logged in BO? THX Lubos
  19. so I discuss with the hosting provider and I did not get exact explanation why problem occured, only some possible reasons like: - database backup (did not do) - running scripts which are no need - running statistics with host resolving (is off) - wrongly tuned php scripts and I got recomandation to check scripts which are running most frequently. Also they noticed that server is able to cover 300 standard presentations without protection activation... how to check scripts which are running most frequently? LL
  20. what to do? I'm not a DB expert.... pls HELP! ---- update: I log in to my phpMyAdmin and found that DB size is 16,0MB not 16GB... so it will be not a DB problem....
  21. Total disk space 15GB Servers connectivity: SIX 10 Gbps, NIX 10 Gbps, tranzit 1 Gbps HTML, XHTML, VRML, Flash, SSI, Javascript support Scripting support PHP 4, 5, 5.3 Scripting support ASP Scripting support ASP.NET 1.1 - 4.0 Scripting support CGI, Perl Support WAP (scripts WML) TurckMMCache, eAccelerator, Zend, ionCube Support .htaccess & mod_rewrite WebCron (automatic scripts execution) Disk quota for web pages 4GB MySQL, PostgreSQL support SQLite databases support Max. numbers of databases MySQL, PostgreSQL - 5 Disk quota for databases 7GB - Current Database size: 16390.8MB (quite big, not?) - Online max 10 visitors at the same moment, but the problem is occuring even 3 visitors are online
  22. Blog? vdaka, ale blog tam uz mam nahodeny, a je to ina funkcia ako novinky....
  23. Hi vekia, for sure is not a problem of: The shop is running in this configuration form begining. I already contacted Web hosting provider, but he is only offering to me transfer to virtual server and of course pay more money...
  24. Hi, I'm facing problem with server overload message: This message appears is some customer is creating order and other customers are watching page content. Error message appears even on page are 3 connections only. Do you have some idea if the problem can come from prestashop configuration? Thanks for your help. Regards, Lubos
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