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  1. Tools::addCSS also doesn't work... but I'll use your code
  2. Hi, everyone I need to know in which version controllers are added by the prestashop team? I think the last version without controllers (as folder and controller files) is but if I'm wrong please somebody to tell me which is the version. Regards, George
  3. Yes, it's a security hole but I think: If serverA get a new PS installation and install the secured module (only logo.gif and module-name.php which contains only few lines to send the code), when somebody start configuration of module the first thing which will see is a one input filed to type the code and 1 button for submit it. When he submit the code serverA (PS install server) starts a query to serverB (server for checks) - start 3 operations: copy module files to random folder (the name of folder can be a sha1 hash of query) write information from the query - IP of server, name of server, domain, username and key and etc. check the code And if everything is "okey" with the code the serverB will return a new generated xml file with location of files to copy. Example of .xml: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <file> <location>http://serverB.com/location/file.txt</location> <locationInModuleFolder>page/test</locationInModuleFolder> <name>CopyTheXML</name> <format>php</format> </file> <file> <location>http://serverB.com/location/file2.txt</location> <locationInModuleFolder>style</locationInModuleFolder> <name>moduleName</name> <format>css</format> </file> So the script parse the xml and copy files (it's not a problem to copy files from remote server when the files is .txt of similar extension), rename files to their normal names and extensions. serverB clean copy files 30 minutes after receiving of query. That is my point if anybody were make script like this and can share advantages for the technology and principles. And what we do if someone wants to edit the module? Regards, George!
  4. But is there any way to prevent this... Method which can use a random string as a cd-key or something? Regards, George!
  5. Hi, Mike, I mean: If I sell mine module to user-1 and user-2, and then user-2 start distributing my module to his friends is there any way to prevent that distribution? Regards, George!
  6. Hi, I want to ask is there a need to secure my module to prevent a free module distribution? If I need to secure my modules from that - how to do that? Regards, George!
  7. Hi everyone, I need to know how to customize my contact and register forms. How to add new fileds (<input> and <select>) and make the information from these fields required or not required. I need to know which files I must edit for these forms... I use prestashop
  8. Hi everybody, I need to know how to add a Javascript and Css in my tab in back-office... I saw the list of all hooks and tried with - " backOfficeHeader" : Example: public function backOfficeHeader($params) { Tools::addJS((__PS_BASE_URI__).'modules/'.$this->name.'/js/'.$this->name.'.js'); Tools::addCSS((__PS_BASE_URI__).'modules/'.$this->name.'/css/'.$this->name.'.css', 'all'); } But when I visit my tab everything still the same and the javascript and css are not added in the header, so where is the problem?!
  9. Hi everyone, My question is: Which file must be included to work with smtp configuration variables, and what are a names of variables? Cheers, George!
  10. The solution is: Just include config.inc.php and enJoy When you are included this file everything will works
  11. So I examined the classes, controllers and config files. Class files are structored like this: filename = Db.php / classname = DbCore and etc with all class files. In folder /config the file named autoload.php is a simple function which include/require files in the system. So I'll investigate where is the point with this file...
  12. Hi everyone, my module is in the final lap but I need to make a file which isn't included in admin panel or in hooks, the file must work with my ajax querys but I have a some troubles with this file. So my files is named: moderate.php To work with database I must include /classes/Db.php code: <?php require '../../classes/Db.php'; $db = Db::getInstance(); ?> The erros is: When I try with class name in the file Db.php - DbCore the following error is: I include /classes/MySQL.php The code is: <?php require '../../classes/Db.php'; require '../../classes/MySQL.php'; $db = Db::getInstance(); ?> The erros is (with DbCore::getInstance() or Db::getInstance()): So how to fix that or how to make a file which can working with database?
  13. Hi everyone, I make a tab for my module but how to add javascript and css to head? I know about Tools::addJS and Tools::addCSS but they doesn't work... Best regards, George!
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