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  1. Merci Oron et daniel3000, tous les avis sont utiles et me permettent d'ameliorer le visuel. Il s'agit bien d'un nouveau site qui reprend le domaine d'une ancienne boutique et google n'a réagit que moyennement même si le sitemap a bien été intégré, les pages sont bien indexées dans le moteur de recherche, mais pour l'affichage c'est une autre histoire...
  2. many thanks shacker and tuk66, i'll try to improve thanks to your reports
  3. Hi everybody, i'm getting an issue while using the manufacturer_list In fact, it doesn't work properly everytime : if i have to choose a manufacturer in the box list (not the ones at the beginning of the list and seen on the page but one i have to scroll to find in the list) and i come from a page "category", nothing happens, i do not go on the page i want, and stay where i am. Contrary to if i am already on another manufacturer page where it works correctly... I did not make any changes neither on the blockmanufacturer.php nor in blockmanufacturer.tpl. If anybody has an idea of what it could come from and an idea to solve it it would be very kind many thanks by advance. **ps1.6.0.6**
  4. Many thanks MickeyBoy1 for your help, it's a big issue that you noticed i just seen that in fact, the bug appears if you click on the artist chosen in the list box after being in (or a click on) a category, but if you are already on a product or on an artist, the click on the list box it works correctly... My knowledge to improve this is not unfortunately enough... Does someone could help to resolve this ? Kind regards
  5. Hi everyone, i recently changed my RockShop from a v1.4.7 to a 1.6 and i'm looking for testers to give their opinion on my brand new website and also report any possible bug. Many thanks by advance to those who will visit http://www.musikmachine.com/en and if there were any product you should be interrestred in, i know how to make a Cart Rule Kind regards
  6. Bonjour à tous, j'ai récemment refondu complètement mon site qui était en ps 1.4.7 pour une version 1.6 Je suis à la recherche de bonnes âmes qui voudraient bien le visiter et me donner leur avis, et repérer des soucis éventuels. Par ailleurs si des articles vous plaisent, je sais comment créer une règle panier Merci d'avance à tous ceux qui visiteront http://www.musikmachine.com Très cordialement
  7. Hi agenceweb74 thanks for this tip, i've created this product.php file, should i put it at the root of the website ? regards
  8. Merci beaucoup pour ces infos, je vais ajouter le sitemap au robots.txt et créer un cronjob puis supprimer une à une les urls mortes dans le GWT par contre comment procéder pour "faire des redirections permanentes 301 dans robots.txt" ? merci
  9. Merci IED Factory pour ces éclairages bien utiles le Google WT est bien utile, mais quand j'étudie les erreurs d'exploration de mon site j'ai l'impression pour ma part que Google "crée" des urls à visiter (ou bien reprend de très vieilles urls qui datent...) qui par définition arrivent en erreur 404 (ex : index.php?main_page=product_music_info&cPath=11&products_id=1036 alors que la structure des urls n'a rien à voir avec fr/drapeaux-musique-rock-pop-reggae-metal-punk/1036-drapeau-kiss.html)... Savez vous comment remédier à ce stock d'erreurs croissant ? De plus, j'ai de nombreux articles qui ne sont plus disponibles à la vente et donc -du fait qu'ils sont hors stock- n'apparaissent plus sur le site, pourtant google les référence quand même et arrive sur la page unique indiquant que cette référence n'existe plus (et donc nouvelle erreur 404)... [ex : fr/ecussons-patchs-rock-pop-metal-punk-reggae/668-ecusson-rammstein.html] J'ai peur que mon référencement Google n'en patisse... pourriez vous m'éclairer de vos connaissances ? Merci d'avance cordialement
  10. Dear Vekia, thanks for your reply, i have already removed and retried without success, but today, thanks to the brand new v3.0.2 it works so that's fixed kind regards for your help
  11. Dear all, i'm working on and i do not succeed in generating my sitemap, in fact while using GSITEMAP Google sitemap v3.0.1 all the url generated are not correct and correspond in fact to old urls before i made seo changes in category and product names. Does anybody could help in telling me what to do to get correct urls in my sitemap ? many thanks by advance
  12. Bonjour à tous, je travaille sur version, et lorsque je génère le sitemap grâce au module GSITEMAP Google sitemap v3.0.1, la totalité des adresses est incorrecte, à savoir, elles ne correspondent aux adressages exactes actuels mais à des adresses précédentes alors que je n'avais pas encore complété au mieux les référencements catégories et produits. Je ne vois pas comment faire pour générer un sitemap 'à jour' Quelqu'un aurait-il une idée sur les raisons de cet échec? Merci d'avance
  13. Hey KevinNash, i'm interrested in the whole french translations in fact i succeeded in translating most of the expressions but i do not find where to change these ones (in the picture attached) in the translations options. thx, have a good day
  14. Dear all, thanks to Vekia http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/329665-solved-2-columns-categories-list-in-footer/?p=1827368 i've succeed in dividing my categories in the footer in 2 columns, but i'd like to know if it's possible to have the 'company infos' on the right as a fifth column and not below the customer account (as seen on the picture, it seems there is enough space) moreover, i'd like to change the background of this footer by a picture but i can't see where to change it... many thanks by advance
  15. Thx Vekia for your reply i'm under and with default theme. concerning url, site is under maintenance, give me your ip if you want thx and regards
  16. Dear Vekia, it's my turn to be stuck with changing the color of the background color of hover on block_top_menu, i've looked every line of superfish-modified.css but i do not succeed in finding the good one Do you have an idea ? many thx by advance
  17. Dear Vekia, many thanks for your tip for these 2 columns, it works good, but i d like to you know how to proceed to have the merchant informations on a forth column after the account and not below. And also, do you know how to change the color of the background of this footer section (by a picture) many thanks by advance
  18. Now that i succeed in using your nice module,I have one last question : As Prestashop do not really like iframe videos, (i put the rule at YES in the general options) i'd like to know how to proceed to post a video in a post in my blog, today,i just can see the youtube iframe link Is it possible to see the integrated video ? many thanks by avance
  19. Many thx for your quick reply,, in fact i edited the last post [4] supplied with module and nothing appears on complete post, but while editing the [3] one, it works properly ?! And while editing a brand new one, it doesn't work. how could i know if the route is correct ? url is http://upgrade.musikmachine.com/ kind regards
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