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  1. Hi, The module is fantastic and I am very happy with it. I have two problems: 1 / I need not to index some results (or all results) so as not to have problems with "thin content". Just add <meta name="robots" content="noindex"> to the results. https://developers.google.com/search/docs/advanced/crawling/block-indexing?hl=en&visit_id=637425008750533436-2731904608&rd=1 How can I do it? 2/ I have "Pretty Clean URLs" (from mypresta) but in the filter results the id still appears. Is it possible to delete it? Whats the meaning /s-5/ in the urls? Thanks
  2. Perfect! And works in a multisite environment! Yes, the cron would be a great improvement. If it wasn't too expensive, I'd pay for it Thanks!
  3. Hi! I am looking for some way to group sizes: for example: "36 1/4", "36 1/3", "36.5", "36 2/3" group it all into 36 in the category filters. And if possible, the same for the colors: "sky blue", "light blue", "pastel blue", "sky blue" group everything in "light blue". In other CMS I have seen it, but I can't find anything in prestashop. Do you have any idea? Thank you very much.
  4. Hola! Estoy buscando alguna manera de agrupar tallas: por ejemplo: "36 1/4", "36 1/3" , "36,5", "36 2/3" agruparlo todo en 36 en los filtros por categorías. Y si es posible, lo mismo para los colores: "azul celeste", "azul claro", "azul pastel", "azul cielo" agruparlo todo en "azul claro". En otros CMS lo he visto, pero no encuentro nada en prestashop. Tenéis alguna idea? Muchas gracias
  5. Thanks for the reply musicmaster I did not explain myself very well and this was the key. I wanted to say: "When I import the combinations again in Spanish, if you delete the previous combinations, then it imports it well." I have already detected the problem. To avoid problems I must follow these steps: 1- import the products in English from "store 1" 2- import the products in Spanish from "store 2" 3- import the combinations in English from "store 1" 4- import the combinations in Spanish from "store 1" If I do not proceed in this way (and import combinations in spanish from store 2), then prestashop create translations of the attributes with different id and they do not relate to each other. For example, the "XXL" value of the "size" attribute, in English it has id 5 and in Spanish id 8. Maybe there is an easier way, but at the moment it is the only one I have found
  6. Hi! Let's see if anyone has suffered this: I have a multisite with two domains and one language for each domain: Spanish and English. In English from "store 1", I import the products and later the variants, everything is fine. Later, I can import the products in Spanish, but when I import the variants, it does nothing, the products in Spanish continue as simple. If I look at the product in English it appears as a product with variants, if I look at the product in Spanish, it appears as a simple product. If when I import I tell it to delete the previous combinations, delete the combinations of the other language, for example English, and correctly put the combinations of Spanish. Thank you very very much. PrestaShop version: PHP version: 7.3.21 (also tested with 7.2 and 7.1)
  7. Hola! A ver si alguien ha sufrido esto: Tengo un multisite con dos dominios y una lengua para cada dominio: español e inglés. En inglés desde la "tienda 1", importo los productos y posteriormente las variantes, todo correcto. Posteriormente, puedo importar los productos en español, pero cuando importo las variantes, no hace nada, los productos en español continúan como simples. Si miro el producto en inglés aparece como un producto con variantes, si miro el producto en español, aparece como un producto simple. Lo he intentado de todas las maneras. Si al importar le digo que borre las combinaciones anteriores, borra las de la otra lengua, por ejemplo inglés y pone correctamente las combinaciones del español. Muchas gracias Versión de PrestaShop: Versión PHP: 7.3.21 (también probado con 7.2 y 7.1)
  8. Hi, I made a site in chinese with prestashop I want to manage the backoffice in English, but if I enable English it appears in the front office (<link rel="alternate" hreflang ...) and in the fields of the products,cms... appears the option to translate it. How can I disable the english language in the frontoffice but appears in the backoffice? Thanks
  9. I'm importing products with a .csv file but I have not seen how to import the package measures. These measures (width package, height package and depth package) are also in the table ps_product (width height depth). I think that this is not attributes. Anyone know how to import? Perhaps modifying the file AdminImport.php? (I prefer not modify) Thanks
  10. In this old post you can find the solution: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/138938-backoffice-http-error-500-internal-server-error-after-fresh-install/
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