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  1. I think you only need classes/product.php admin/tabs/AdminImport.php In AdminImport.php you need to add your fields at line 184: Just Like: 'condition' => array('label' => $this->l('Condition'))); At Line 936 $id_product_attribute = $product->addProductAttribute((float)($info['price']), (float)($info['weight']), 0, (float)($........ you have to add your fields with ...(int)($info['default_on']), ($info['YOURFIELDNAME'])... Watch out that you fit the addProductAttribute function in Product.php. In Product.php go to line ~920 public function addProductAttribute... and add your parameters in the right position .., $yourfieldname, ... Now edit the Array in the function array('id_product' =>..... add your field with ..., 'yourfieldname' => pSQL($yourfieldname),... This works for me. At the csv import your have to choose your fields at import step 2 manually. Wrote this down in 5 minutes, hope it helps anyway..
  2. Okay now i know how it works. I just had to use an already existing search weight! Thread can be closed.
  3. Hey, i am new to Presta Shop and need some customizing. I added a new field (varchar) to the product table in my database. I modified the template etc. so that the new field is shown on the frontend and that i can edit the value in the backend. All working good! But i cant search for the value of my new field. I know that i have to modify the file Search.php in the classes folder. But I cant make the search saving the values of my new field into the search_word/index tables. I hope someone can explain me which lines have to be modified in order to get the search working. Thanks in advance.. Mathis
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