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  1. I paid someone to fix an issue but i think he fix that issue and he made another issue. I need someone to fix my problem from this topic: http://www.prestasho...-in-my-website/
  2. it is the name of module there but when i go in BO is not there to install him
  3. when i installed with ftp was no error, the modules was uploaded on the root very good, the only thing is i can't see the module in the back office ...
  4. No, the only error is : Error while extracting module (file may be corrupted) And i got this error when i try to install another module....
  5. I didn't paid you cause you broke my site, i can't install modules and other things...
  6. I didn't but the files are on the server, i saw that, there is all files but i can't see in BO to install.
  7. I can't see new installed modules in my website, i can install same modules to my old site test, but on my actually website i can't .... I tried to install another module paysafecard and on my old test server which is the same website and it works and when i try on actually website doesn't work...i get: Error while extracting module (file may be corrupted). The module works for other websites but on this one i get that error and from other module simply i can't see it after install... Good to know that the module with all files is on host server but i can't see it in BO to install... I tried to install another module but nothing, no error but i can't see them in BO What can be?
  8. I need some to fix me this problem from here: http://www.prestasho...bo-redirect-me/ I'll pay but i want fast cause i spent 2 nights for this and nothing. Solved
  9. You are a bad man, instead of this i will appreciate if you try to help me with this mess called prestashop!, a lot of bugs, a lot of errors, no support, no nothing.... 0 !!!
  10. I moved my site to another domain and I spent all the night to find out what can be, i tried all the ways from forum but nothing work for me, anybody can help pls? When i log in BO redirect me and i can't login. Also i tried a lot of browsers from 2 laptops ...so i don't want to hear that it's from cockie! Also i changed the domain from sql: ps_configuration with my new domain with www, nothing works I use ps
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