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  1. Hi guys, so heres my problem. The client wants a normal shopping cart site except for one change. That is the user will be able to browse through the site and add product to the cart just like a normal shopping cart site but when the user clicks on the checkout button all the cart details should then be sent to the admin's email id. From there they can call the user and communicate in whatever way they need. So instead of taking the cart details to the payment gateway i need these details to be sent to the admin's email id instead. Please help me here guys as i need this urgently done. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi everyone.. So i have a hook home which i need to add to the wishlist module... Although i tried adding the code for the hook into the wishlist template page as i did for the other template pages it doesnot work... Can anyone tell me how to call the HOME hook into the wishlist module or any module for that matter...
  3. Thats ok..i am using only a single module in the home hook... Where in mywishlist.php should i add it...is the code different for it?? I tried adding the same code that you mentioned but it did not work...
  4. By the way how do you add the home hook to the wishlist block.. i want the banner to appear in mywishlist page..if its the same way then in which file do i add the code.. Please i am confused about it... Thanks in advance..
  5. Once again you came to my rescue... Thanks a lot...works like a charm...
  6. Hi guyzz... So i got the banner module to work in the home hook in the index.tpl file.... So what i need is that i need to add this hook to the cms.tpl or any other tpl files for this matter.. I dont want the banner to show in certain pages so is there any way i can do this... I tried adding the {$HOOK_HOME} in the tpl files but it seems this hook works only in the index.tpl page. Please help me out guyzz...
  7. Nope...the images are there..when i check the source code the paths are all ok...so i am a bit stumped at the problem..i also thought that at first...
  8. I am using the module Banners..it is based on nivoslider..the problem is the images are not loading...only the spiral loading image is being shown...
  9. Hmm...can anyone suggest any other modules for this purpose..maybe i missed some..
  10. Hi everyone... Ok i would need a module for the banner which can offer a nice fade in / fadeout effect...so that the client can manage it from the backend... I have used almost all the free modules available here but nothing seems to be working... Can any of you give me any tips.. Currently i am using a module called Banners....but it is only giving a loading image all the time... Help please..
  11. Yes i got the problem...its exactly as you said...yet again you saved me a lot of trouble and time.... Thank you very much for your prompt advice...
  12. Hi again, i looked into the console as you said and found that this is the error... TypeError: document.getElementById("quantity_wanted") is null So i think its because the quantity parameter is null that its not working...so how do i change this.. pls help..
  13. Hi, Yes the onclick action is there...but still it is not working...
  14. Hi Guyzz.... So this is my problem...i installed the wishlist module.. The module is working perfectly...i am able to add new wishlists and edit and all.... But when i click on the Add to Wishlist button in the product page there is no response whatsoever...except that a # is appended to the url... I tried all the methods but still no luck.... Pls help me guyzz...
  15. Many many thanks man... I just noticed that the dom id was "selectPrductSort" instead of "selectProductSort"...dont knw how this happened... Whatever you saved me man..thanks a lottttt...
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