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  1. Hi, I have just been on my site this morning and noticed my menu bar at the top has just gone (attached as a screenshot). The onyl thing i can think is that between xmas and new year i installed a snow effect plug in on the site and missed the fact that the menu had gone. However i have now taken off the plug in and the menu is still not there. Could anyone help? Thanks
  2. Im not sure that answers my question
  3. Is there a way in the admin area to change the product.php from a list of products to like a table? Or is it a case of having to change the code? Thanks
  4. i had the same problem with that module. I spoke for a while with the creator and couldnt resolve it properly. I ended up having to remove it - it did work for a while but then stopped.
  5. It works perfectly, nice easy install. Many thanks. I would like to remove the company field though - is that possible from the admin or is it a case of having to edit code?
  6. I did, but then it came back again. I have no idea what the problem is. We have just had to cancel the one page checkout.
  7. that would probably make sense. Thanks for your help
  8. Hi, On one of my sites i have a problem where when people are checking out and creating an account it comes up with an error message: There is 1 error : 1. an error occurred while creating your account This comes up after they enter their name, address and password and click on "register" Could anyone help? Thanks, Tony
  9. Hi, I have been looking over peoples carts where things have beeen added, but then never actually gone through and made the transaction. Its showing hundreds of shopping carts have been started however that doesnt fit in witht he number of cisitors we are getting. On one day alone we had 3 times as many carts as visitors. Could anyone help with why this is happening?
  10. Hi, I installed a one page checkout system and its conflicting with my sagepay payment module so ive had to remove it. I would like to still have a one page checkout but dont fancy purchasing another for it to then not work. What im wondering is if there is anyone who would like to work on a way of merging some of the pages together to make it look like less work for the client. Im unable to do but would give a glowing endorsement and help where possible to sell it if you chose to go down that route. Cheers Tony
  11. Ive used it for a few of my shops. I found it easier to set up than oscommerce and a few others. Works fine never had any major issues apart from setting up postage but after reading the manual i got there with it.
  12. Hi, Ive got a major problem. On my website www.aclubbersguide.net people are unable to process transactions. They can add things to the basket and then when it comes to making the transaction it asks them to complete the address details (one page checkout off the prestastore website) then when youhit next to pay by sagepay or paypal it comes up saying your basket is empty. I have also removed the one page checkout and tried it using the normal checkout process but that doesnt work either. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Tony
  13. I went over the ones the outside the themes directory also as far as im aware. I dont think ive missed anyout as i went over them all again.
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