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  1. Hi, I've installed the default prestashop mobile theme but when i load the site from a mobile phone or smartphone, nothing is loading (just an empty page). But when i try the same with an online mobile phone simulator it's working fine and i couldn't see any errors. http://transmog.net/iphone-simulator/mobile-web-browser-emulator-for-samsung-galaxy-s3.php?u=streamport.tv/camcorders/5641-gy-hm600-prohd-camera.html# Can someone please help me to fix this?
  2. I tried to create a local php.ini for that folder initializing max_input_vars 6000 . then there was no error in error in log but still features are not saved. is this the right way to override php.ini value for a specific folder or am i doing something wrong?
  3. Sorry guys. I was looking at a wrong error log. Here is the error.
  4. no worries final result is the big thing :-/
  5. No the problem isn't with featured products. The problem is with product feature value that we add for each product.
  6. If you don't want to remove it or comment it you can try something like this. <div id="subcategories" style="display: none;">
  7. Prestashop version: I tried in different browser too but it's the same
  8. No, the value of the feature is not getting saved in the back office also. It's a complete back end problem i guess.
  9. This should help you. http://css-tricks.com/persistent-headers/ or this is simpler i guess http://www.onlywebpro.com/2013/04/03/make-a-jquery-sticky-header-in-5-minutes/
  10. Hi, I'm stuck with this problem for a long time and seems no one is helping. Product Features are not getting saved. I faced this problem few months ago and increased php_value max_input_vars and then it was fine but recently again the same problem and even after increasing the value, it's not getting solved and I don't see any error in the logs while saving it. Also usually when we hit save in Features, it stays in the same product editing page but in my case it takes to the previous level category page. Need help in this desperately. Looking forward for some suggestions. Thanks.
  11. If it's still open i can do it in my language 'Tamil' (Indian language)
  12. Hi i'm stuck with this problem for a long time. Tried all those mentioned here. nothing works out.
  13. Was it working when the friendly-url was off? Also what's the url?
  14. You can't simply include CMS pages inside Product page but you can include it in all pages. Also do you want to have those images displayed in all product pages or in only certain pages?
  15. Sorry boss. It didn't load becoz of a bad module. I checked it in error log and disabled it. Finally it's up
  16. Last time did that but took a long time to rebuild. Little hesitant to do that. won't it bring my site down forever? if so my company will kick me out
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