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  1. Hy all, I have a problem : i`m on a shared server and the hosting company doesn`t want to change the max_execution_time for the domain i have and the image regeneration doesn`t work. I tried at the first to regenerate thumbnails but it stopped and now i have images that are missing. As i know that the hosting is refusing to change the PHP values, i want to know if there is any way to make the regeneration manually ( off site ) or whatever so i can have the images back on site. Thx.
  2. Yea Paulito, me too. As u are a moderator, maybe you can make some people join this topic and maybe we can solve this.
  3. Hy all, I have added some cart rules that offers free gift on order. I want to add the information on product page. Example : product x has the cart rule with free gift y On product x i want to show free gift anywere on the page ( the gift image and some text ) Or , for more products from the same category that have the same free gift, on every product page from that category.
  4. I worked with Arnold on more than one project and him and Ankit were GREAT ! Never had such good experience with developers yet : understood very quick what they need to do, they did very fast and at a correct price ! Thank you very much Arnold. Who is interested can contact him ( they are good on multiple platforms not just Prestashop - tested ! ) : [email protected]
  5. Hy all, my problem/question is a little hard ( i guess ) so, i will be very grateful if someone will help me. So , i have a module that is working with one carrier created by the module. I have another module that it`s for shipping ( webservice ) ,and it`s job is to send/receive shipment informations to a server ( shipping info/tracking/shipping note). This one, when is installed is creating 5 new carriers and is working only with one of those 5 carriers. What i want, is to make it work with the carrier created by the first module so that both modules work with one carrier. Example : module 1 is creating/working with carrier 1 - module 2 is creating/working with carrier 2 to 6. ---> what i want : module 1 and module 2 to work with carrier 1 I attached the second module for reference ( the module is free issued by my carrier service so no copyright infrigment - if needed i can get written permission for modifying/posting the module ) Hope i explained well. If needed , i am on Skype ( id : liviuboldis ) and i can give u more infos if needed. modulCargus-Prestashop-1.5-20131009.zip
  6. Salut, Creezi un curier noi si il denumesti de exemplu : Ridicare din magazin Setezi ca pret de transport , transport gratis pe toate razele de greutate sau pret. Indiferent ce metoda de plata selecteaza are transport gratuit ( asta te intereseaza ) deoarece ridica din magazinul tau. Daca cineva selecteaza curierul respectiv, e clar ca va veni sa il ridice si nu trimiti coletul catre clientul respectiv.
  7. SOLVED I have edited /modules/cashondelivery/views/templates/hook/payment.tpl I removed <a href="{$link->getModuleLink('cashondelivery', 'validation', [], true)|escape:'html'}" title="{l s='Pay with cash on delivery (COD)' mod='cashondelivery'}" rel="nofollow"> <img src="{$this_path_cod}cashondelivery.gif" alt="{l s='Pay with cash on delivery (COD)' mod='cashondelivery'}" style="float:left;" /> <br />{l s='Pay with cash on delivery (COD)' mod='cashondelivery'} <br />{l s='You pay for the merchandise upon delivery' mod='cashondelivery'} <br style="clear:both;" /> </a> And i added ( confirm button with image ) after the </p> <form action="{$link->getModuleLink('cashondelivery', 'validation', [], true)|escape:'html'}" method="post"> <input type="hidden" name="confirm" value="1" /> <p class="cart_navigation" id="cart_navigation"> <input type="image" value="submit" src="http://youtimagelink" style="height:48px; width:500px; margin-left:20%;"> </p> </form>
  8. Maybe a js script that redirects user to the next page and also checks Confirm order?
  9. Hy all, I am using prestashop with a custom theme and as payment method Cash On Delivery module. I am also using One Page Checkout. I would like clients to skip order confirmation page ( .../module/cashondelivery/validation ) and when they click on the one page checkout the confirm button, the checkout process will be finished. I guess this way we will have a better conversion rate.
  10. Hy all, I have followed the instructions of changing display of order messages from here : http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/203620-back-office-order-comments-no-longer-in-order-page/?view=findpost&p=1543395 I also moved the messages display in the upper part of the order for a better view of them, and changed the color for same reason. I think this helps alot in order management because now i know if i can ship an order, if it has some problems directly on the order page so i don`t need to check in other software for that. Now i am trying to add a simple checkbox on each message in order to mark as solved/read some of the messages. Can someone give me a clue were to start ? I attached a screenshot of what i want to achieve. 1. If message is new, i want to have a simple check available 2. If checked, a simple linetrough the message will do the job. PS : sorry for bad english
  11. Also the carrier is enabled for all the countries ? Back Office --> Carriers --> Select the carrier u want to be available --> Shipping Locations and Zones --> Select the zones you want the carrier to be available.
  12. Hy all, Thanks for the fix ! I have a question : can i add a simple checkbox or something to mark a message as solved/red/fixed ? THX !
  13. I forgot to post the original job that i had with Burhan BVK. So everyone can see what i am talking about. And sorry all because i am making this topic a court room but i need to defend myself with evidence, right ? Original job attached. Prestashop 1.5.3.pdf
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