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  1. SOLVED {if $data['name']}{l s='%s' sprintf=$data['name']} replaced 'name' field to '' ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, i have a site that is heavy on personalised items and i was wondering if its at all possible to speed up my work rate by only showing the customisation in order form ie, when i go to process an order i go to orders and when i open the order the personalised area still show the title of the personalised fields example: Name John Smith address somewhere out there postcode DN12 3XF i would ideally like it like John Smith somewhere out there DN12 3XF just like the delivery address section, i know it seems lazy not wanting to remove the field titles manually but after processing hundreds of items i must be wasting hours or rearranging and cutting words out hope you can help
  2. Also having same: Border width must be a positive number its a fresh install of prestashop and i havent configured anything yet any ideas? (cool mod btw) UPDATE: for anyone having this issue i fixed it by removing the default px in the width field ie. Border: 1px solid #cecece Replace with Border: 1 solid #cecece the field inserts a px by default and is not needed
  3. ahh its actually affecting all the account login pages too :S its all there still its just white
  4. sorry to be a pain but do you know of any way of telling how to find such a thing as i wouldnt know where to start to find something thats overwriting i wont be a noob forever but i am at the minute xD
  5. Hi, Jhnstcks yeah i disabled caching and enabled force compile with fresh css files from the prestashop download file added to my theme folder would anything else cause this? Cheers man
  6. [sOLVED] Hi guys, having a small problem, the site is working beautifully but my footer links and sitemap, currency symbols and a few other bits are showing as white text on my white background, I have replaced the main themes CSS file with the default downloaded one but no luck, I am using and the default theme Website address: WWWDOTwizardingwaresDOTCOM (sorry don't want spam bots pestering me Any help would be much appreciated Luke UPDATE: [solved] turns out to be the module: ADDSTUFF, i had some css in the HTML file of the module & that was conflicting with the links on the site
  7. FIXED lol forgot to put force compile on and off xD thanks for the help!!!
  8. nope still same is there anyway i can restore the defaults for the category pages? sorry if it sounds dumb but im totally new to this
  9. i dont think i did, lemme re-up the original default files and see if it fixes it
  10. [sOLVED] Hi guys, my category page showing the product list is now missing its cart block and other right side modules (well not missing but they arent where they should be as they are centralised below the main content of each category page) See attached pic below i know this is something probrably very simple to fix but i just cant find it Thanks peeps should also add its build
  11. If you are still stuck just replace the red text in the direct link below and paste it into your browser, then hit F3 and do a search on the page that opens for "You have chosen to pay with PayPal" http://www.YOURSITE.COM/administrator/index.php?tab=AdminTranslations&lang=en&type=modules&token=63536bafb7182b67098c4567eb25b901 replace the numbers in red above with your current sessions security token shown in the address bar in your admin page
  12. Hi guys, (n girls) I came across a small problem and wondered if anyone could possibly help, when trying to add new modules to the BO i get no confirmation of success or error and they do not show when i refresh either? Im running so if anyone knows of a common issue/workarounds then i would appreciate it very much if you could let me know i checked the logs and nothing shows so i am a bit lost at the minute Thanks in advance Luke
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