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  1. Hey. I have the same problem, but as it seems, blocktopmenu does not read any css files from my theme's folder. And it reads its own css from body, after it's block of HTML :S is there a fix for this? Thank you!
  2. its design myself, based on theme that comes with prestashop.
  3. Hey, http://www.aiamaailm.ee/product.php?id_product=1 If this does not help, please send me your IP address so that i can disable redirect. Thank you.
  4. Sorry, yep, The site is on www.aiamaailm.ee/404.php (index has redirect script atm). Thanks again!
  5. Hi, Nothing to see there, I just cant find a module that makes basic horizontal menu for cms + category links (using Is there something I can do it with? Thank you!
  6. HI, Im new to Prestashop and to say im frustrated with it, is clearly understatement. I really hope somebody can help me with my problems I have. Few weeks ago i installed it and discovered it does not have horisontal menu (!?). Top horizontal menu module cant be downloaded cause the site is down. Searching for it in this forum returns error in search (search term has to be longer than 3 chars ( it is!). As you understand im totally frustarated with it. I never would use it but my client demands it. Please please please, somebody help! I hope you understand my negativity and hope you understand me Thank you!
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