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  1. Hello, I have Presta 1724 installed on php 7.1. I add some products in my cart, complete delivery etc, and submit the order. Insted showing Thank You page it's show me html code like bellow: <div style="width: 100%; height: auto; margin-top: 0px; font-family: 'Arial', Georgia, serif;"> <table style="height: 73px; width: 100%;"> <tbody> <tr style="height: 18px;"> <td style="width: 50%; height: 73px;" rowspan="4"><img src="https://plafarcoral.ro/img/cms/presta.jpg" alt="" width="76" height="100" /></td> <td style="width: 50%; height: 19px; text-align: right;" colspan="2"><strong>Factura</strong></td> </tr> <tr style="height: 18px;"> <td style="width: Print screen attached for entire page. Went well in the last 2 years but suddenly appear this. I really don't know how to fix this. Please help me. Thank you.
  2. Hello, I have prestashop and I have problems with search module. If I try typing products name that are in the shop and indexed it give me other results, not for what I search for. For exemple I search for "Ceai" and I receive totally other results. All products are indexed. I have a lot of products name that start with "Ceai ......". The weight of the words are correct. Please help Thanks
  3. I found it. I used this command chown –R www-data:root nume_folder to set user www-data to acces the folder even if is 775. Now it's ok.
  4. Well, I found somehting. I changed permission "777" to /var/cache and /var/logs. Now I'm not sure that it's ok to give full acces to those folders. I think it must be "775" but then Presta don't have acces to write. It's there a way to allow presta to write even if the folder have "775" permission? Thanks
  5. I delete the content from /var/cache (from prestashop) but no luck. I try to find out where is this folder "/tmp/class_index.phptZLLp6" because I can't find it. Besides that if I refresh the page it generate a new number from ""/tmp/class_index.phptZLLp6" to "/tmp/class_index.phpAtQ07l". Any ideas?
  6. Hello, I have prestashop It was installed on a hosted server with php 7.3 I moved to a VPS with php7.2 and after all configurations (mysql, php config files, etc) it keep gives me the following error: Notice: tempnam(): file created in the system's temporary directory in /var/www/html/presta/classes/PrestaShopAutoload.php on line 258 Warning: rename(/tmp/class_index.phpsuPhxT,/var/www/html/presta/var/cache/dev/class_index.php): No such file or directory in /var/www/html/presta/classes/PrestaShopAutoload.php on line 264 Notice: tempnam(): file created in the system's temporary directory in /var/www/html/presta/classes/PrestaShopAutoload.php on line 258 Warning: rename(/tmp/class_stub.phpeholgv,/var/www/html/presta/var/cache/dev/class_stub.php): No such file or directory in /var/www/html/presta/classes/PrestaShopAutoload.php on line 264 Notice: tempnam(): file created in the system's temporary directory in /var/www/html/presta/classes/PrestaShopAutoload.php on line 258 Warning: rename(/tmp/namespaced_class_stub.phpqJ7pZ6,/var/www/html/presta/var/cache/dev/namespaced_class_stub.php): No such file or directory in /var/www/html/presta/classes/PrestaShopAutoload.php on line 264 Warning: require_once(/var/www/html/presta/var/cache/dev/appParameters.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/html/presta/config/bootstrap.php on line 87 Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required '/var/www/html/presta/var/cache/dev/appParameters.php' (include_path='/var/www/html/presta/vendor/pear/pear_exception:/var/www/html/presta/vendor/pear/console_getopt:/var/www/html/presta/vendor/pear/pear-core-minimal/src:/var/www/html/presta/vendor/pear/archive_tar:.:/usr/share/php') in /var/www/html/presta/config/bootstrap.php on line 87 It keep show this from the beggining, and I don't think is from the php version, mysql or other config file. Any ideas please? Thanks in advanced.
  7. I'm using a menu (mega menu) from a custom Theme. I believe in this case the theme need to be customized in order to offer this feature. But let's say I'm using the classic menu from default Presta theme. It is possible ?
  8. Hello, It's there a way to show in menu only categories that have products active (active = 1). For exemple a category with all products ACTIVE = 0 should not be visible because will be empty. Any ideea? Thanks
  9. I found a solution. I comment line 1403 from /public_html/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/DependencyInjection/Dumper/PhpDumper.php and now the admin worked. Now, should I be concern about comment this line? It will affect the Presta somehow ? Thanks
  10. Hello, I have Presta and I made a clear cache today. After this I cannot acces admin folder. It says error 500. The frontend looks fine. I turn debug mode on (from /config/defines.inc.php) and I got this then I try to open admin : RuntimeException in PhpDumper.php line 1403: Cannot dump definition because of invalid class name (NULL) in PhpDumper.php line 1403 at PhpDumper->dumpLiteralClass('NULL') in PhpDumper.php line 790 at PhpDumper->addNewInstance('_defaults', object(Definition), 'return ', '$this->services['_defaults'] = ') in PhpDumper.php line 394 at PhpDumper->addServiceInstance('_defaults', object(Definition)) in PhpDumper.php line 639 at PhpDumper->addService('_defaults', object(Definition)) in PhpDumper.php line 666 at PhpDumper->addServices() in PhpDumper.php line 145 at PhpDumper->dump(array('class' => 'appDevDebugProjectContainer', 'base_class' => 'Container', 'namespace' => '', 'debug' => true, 'file' => '/home/plafarco/public_html/app/cache/dev/appDevDebugProjectContainer.php')) in bootstrap.php.cache line 2846 at Kernel->dumpContainer(object(ConfigCache), object(ContainerBuilder), 'appDevDebugProjectContainer', 'Container') in bootstrap.php.cache line 2759 at Kernel->initializeContainer() in bootstrap.php.cache line 2533 at Kernel->boot() in bootstrap.php.cache line 2564 at Kernel->handle(object(Request), '1', false) in index.php line 86 I don't know what to do in this case. Please help. Thanks
  11. A testat cineva pana in prezent vreun plugin functional pentru Prestashop 1.7 de la unul dintre curierii din Romania ? Mersi mult.
  12. Banuiesc ca emailul il trimiti la schimbarea unui status.
  13. Salut, Ma tot chinui din decembrie impreuna cu cei de la Fan Courier sa fac functional modulul lor pentru prestashop 1.7. Ce am facut: 1. Instalat modul fancourier 1.7 in platforma. 2. configurare modul (atasat) In urma unei comenzi se genereaza order-ul din atasament (tracking.jpg). Ca observatie daca dau refresh la pagina apare alt Tracking number. E un pic ciudat si nici cei de la Fan Courier nu mi-au raspuns daca asa e bine sau nu. La click pe Tracking number se deschide http://www.selfawb.ro/order.php?order_id=cf6eb28778c65f8aa5bd48a4ab604022 cu mesajul "Error order_id." . Ce am observat este ca a doua zi link-ul este functional. Din punctul meu de vedere ceva nu se leaga si nu inteleg cum se trimit datele clientului la ei. Sper ca poate cineva s-a mai lovit de asta si imi poate oferi suport. Merci Radu
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