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  1. I got mine working on a ionos hosted doing the following. Mail domain name: BLANK SMTP server: smtp.ionos.com SMTP Username: *@yourdomain.com "You have to have an email address created through ionos hosting" SMTP password: "your ionos hosted email password from above setup" Encryption: SSL Port: 465
  2. Thank you. I was accustom to getting it from the Prestashop website or through the modules manager in the dashboard. Neither of which where available and then after getting that info from what I would assume to be a direct representative of Prestashop I was a bit concerned.
  3. After trying to download 1-click upgrade and finding no download link and nothing in the modules area. Am I to understand we now have to pay for a module to keep Prestashop updated? I was told it will no longer be available and was offered links to paid versions by Dora "Chat help" I just want to verify this so I don't needlessly migrate my three shops to another software. current ver. 1.765 Notified to update to 1.769 with a button to download that takes me to 1-click updater but no link to download.
  4. Hey guys i have a product that shows up in the front end but when I try to delete in the dashboard I can't. There is no corresponding product. I have 9 product ID's in the dash and 7 actual products. Are the two missing ID's the culprit? if so how can I delete the manually? Thanks in advance!
  5. So I would like to add a link to my About Us page to the top Nav1 hook right after the Contact link. I am using the stock theme and I can't figure out how to do this in prestashop 1.7.2. Any ideas?
  6. I just switched to Presto Changeo's Paypal Pro module and PayPal pro. It's $30 a month but well worth it. The Presto Changeo PayPal module was set up and working in like 4-5 minutes. Also well worth the money.
  7. I need PayPal advanced option and I think you are referring to the standard module. I have no problems with the standard PayPal module.
  8. My opinion is that at this time this module is not ready for release. I think Prestashop is an amazing cart option and I am so appreciative of everything the developers do to make it possible but this module is just not good.
  9. I have given up. The error was on line 350 of the paypalusa.php file. Maybe I will give it another try next year!
  10. Thanks I may give that a try. I am looking into a few more things with the USA module and if that dosent work I will likely just switch to PayPal Pro and go with the Presto Chango module. I have many modules from them and they are always on the spot with issues.
  11. So I am getting a blank page returned when clicking on any of the payment options at checkout in PayPal USA 1.2.6 I am using Paypal Advanced "or trying to at least". It redirects to a new page and loads everything around the center window just not any of the PayPal info in the center column. Anyone else experience this issue or have any ideas?
  12. It's still kicking me back to "www.xyz.com/module/paypalusa/validation" Redirects to page title "Payflow Link" It's my page layout but with nothing in the window or center hook.
  13. Brian thank you so much for the detailed explanation. I will give that all a try but now i'm wondering if I should save the $5.00 a month and stay with PayPal standard I thought it would be great to keep customers on my site during checkout but not at the cost of errors with payment.
  14. Hi I am using Prestashop 1.5.5 and I am trying to configure the PayPal USA module for use with PayPal advanced processing. I have the module installed and enabled and it shows at checkout but any button I click "paynow,bill me later, or CC directs me to my page but a blank center column area. Under my PayPal Manager account I have the return URL and Error URL set to my home page just to get the module to display in checkout. PayPal will not let me select layout C without populating these fields. I have not been able to find a setup guide other then the popup window in the module explaining how to make it work or how to change the settings in PayPal's manager to mesh with the PayPAl USA module. Please help!
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