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  1. Do you have any sample code you would be willing to share?
  2. I've dug everywhere and can't find. I'm looking to have a "landing page" for a category. Is there a way to change the code of the cart to do this?
  3. Is this even possible? Someone must know.
  4. Hey Guys, is there a way to have certain categories goto a category home/landing page, rather a page listing the products?
  5. Sorry to be so redundant. As far as you know, there is NOT a module that currently exists that will support PayPal Payflow.
  6. Quick question... There are two modules in Prestashop... PayPal and PayPal API. What's the difference? Also, if we want payflow (just to confirm) that does not exist yet?
  7. Will this work for USA? also, has it been tested, or is it still beta mode?
  8. ok, i clicked the box about sending email notification and it succeeded. weird.
  9. Hey Guys, i'm doing an install and it stops on Step 4. I put in all the information on step 4, click next, the little progress appears for just a moment and then nothing. I checked it's installing. i can goto shop home and the databases are there. Is it ok to use? what would the install be missing without showing me the confirmation page?
  10. Hi there. I own a marketing company and we are switching to prestashop as our primary cart but would need to have some modules created and fully functional. Because we would have a number of customers using these modules we are willing to invest good money into their creation. While there may be "beta" or unstable versions of modules that we could cobble together, we are interested in developing a permanent, trustworthy, bug-free set of modules that we can rely on. Our needs: -A fully function shipping module that is BUG FREE for FedEX and UPS. We will have a need to track shipping numbers and status and integrate available features that both shippers have available. -Authorize.net module (PCI compliant) -Quickbooks Module or API. We need this to be a two sync. This can be created by using tools available from Quickbooks or even Quickbooks Vendors such as Attandra's T-Hub Advanced (http://www.atandra.com/quickbooks-ecommerce-thub-adv.html) If you would like to bid on any or all of these please PM or email me and include references and examples of work history.
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