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  1. Dear All, being software developer I can completely understand the level of effort needed to stabilize such piece of code as prestashop v1.5 has, provided that I assume scope is not frozen and as far as I understand some new features are added and some are modified on the fly. I personally think main intrigue is whether we will see v1.5 RC at BaseCamp 5 in a few days or not, let's just wait for several days
  2. if you need multi-site or go with 1.5 keeping in mind that some possible bugs will be on your responsibility or go with another solution (which is not our case ), or go with 1.4 if multi-site not needed
  3. How many products do you have? How many languages do you plan to have per site? I would say from my own benchmarks with v1.5 there exist's the following formula PrestaShop works great (without additional effort e.g. in memory tables, sharding, horizontal scaling) PrestaShop1.5 multisiteperformance calculation formula: Best performance is reached when (Number of Products) x (Number of Sites) x(Number of Languages) < 500 000 Otherwise you'd need to start with inmemory tables, replication, sharding, caching (which is always good even from the beginning) and I do like it
  4. it's not a problem, just evolution issue, we investigate the prestashop v1.5 Beta 3 already, and expecting to touch the final v1.5 of PrestaShop on March 20th Barcamp at NY I'm sure beta 3 is already installed not only at our dev server
  5. Dear Community Members, despite the fact that v1.5 is quite fresh, but definitely promising, there were said many words on prestashop v1.5 advantages, but no word spoken on other hand. Having tried v1.5, in your opinion, what is PrestaShop 1.5 main disadvantage comparing to 1.4? Thank you in advance, Kind Regards
  6. Hello Mike, having reviewed the article link to which you provided it is not clear whether tests were run on single shop instance or multi-shop? Also it would be great to understand definition of "positive results" since it's quite abstract, which hardware benchmark run at, with which concurrency and with which caching tools applied? Could you please provde the link to more detailed benchmark results if any? (thanks for any related info, we currently work on multi-store solution with ~2 000 000+ EANs, and would gladly share our experience with community on challenges we ace and ways they are resolved)
  7. Hello PrestaShop team, have reviewed the v 1.5 DB schema and see that modules are linked to concrete shop, which is great! From another hand - does this mean that if I have one PS 1.5 installation but with 5 shops, I will need to pay 5 licenses if I want module per each shop ? Or modules Licenses normally are per-installation disregarding number of hosted shops? Thanks in advance for your vision on this.
  8. Hello Musicmaster and Paul, our team is currently working on a PrestaShop based project counting ~2 000 000+ EANs, based on my personal experience having such inventory the biggest bottleneck under high load is the persistence layer (mainly MySQL) At the moment we resolve the issue applying the following approaches: 1. - tables sharding (it is empirically proved MySQL performance drops dramatically when actively used tables reach 500 000+ entries), sharding tables is a great performance improvement here. 2. - master-slave replication including splitting READs and WRITEs to N x Slaves and 1 x Master Currently we are proceeding with RC review of our modules which will cover these two approaches above. Anyway, would greatly appreciate letting me know if this helps to boost the SPEED of your prestashop store.
  9. One additional question to PrestaShop Team, how deep you feel architecture changed from 1.4.x to 1.5.x in terms of existing 1.4.x modules compatibility, will 1.4.x modules work on 1.5.x or some modules code tuning should be expected?
  10. Dear PrestaShop Team, We have a bunch of prospects and current clients who need multisite functionality a lot, and who currently choosing between Magento and PrestShop weighting pros and contras.Having reviewed PreastShop 1.5 beta code and feel it has huge potential on this. When do you feel it realistically be possible to release v 1.5 production ready? Such realistic estimate will help a lot to manage our client's expectations, thanks!
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