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  1. HI Bellini, can you give me an indication how difficult this would be to do? Any suggested reading/examples of this ?
  2. Hi, Can anyone help? Im creating a car parts site , which has makes/models of vehicles set up as categories and sub categories. I would like to be able to add PHP/HTML into the product description to pull info from an MySQL Table into the description, specific info to the category. I can create the SQL Statement, but need to know how to get the current page category ID and then how to include this into the description page? ive tried HTML tags, but they come out as text.... is what i want to do acheiveable? any help would be great!
  3. Hi Mike, Not 100% sure if im making what i want clear. OK, so i have the features already in the feature tab, so they are visable on the front end.. under additional info. however, it contains a few things i dont want visable to my customers, but would like to be included in the search index So, im modyfiying the front end to remove the additional info tab, and would like to contain certain info in the "description" field of the product.... if where you put the product description and can include HTML etc. Im sure ive seen somewhere you can include them using a code....obiously only including certain ones... does that explain what im trying to achieve ?
  4. Hi Guys. Thanks the the replies. Ive created the "features" however, for each product i will have several features, and only want to show certain ones. ie, product 1 could have feature, Height, Width, Weight, REF1, REF2, REF3, I would like my product description to only contain, Height, Width & weight.... leaving REF1, REF2, REF3 hidden from the description, (i will also be hiding the features tab)
  5. Hi All, Im currently setting up a shop where i would like to include certain "features" in the product descriptions. for example, set up a Feature as 'height' set the value, and use HTML code to include that 'feature' in the description, this means if i change the feature, it is automaticaly in the description? Im sure ive seen this is possible somewhere, but cant find where Also, does anyone know if the description field on products can contain PHP code?
  6. Hi All, I cant find a module for this. I would like to be able to redirect my customers to a specific page (specific to user) after they login to my shop - the URL could be entered by me, or by them - not sure on the limits there. or.... to display a link to their "Favourite" section on the page it displays after login. Can anyone advise if such a module exist? or how i would go about achieving this?
  7. Hi Guys Jumped on this Topic as it seems a little related ish... Im looking for a way of adding a Reference to a product that isnt displayed anywhere, Ie in Background 12310 = PartA and Search would come up with that, but on the product Page or Detail page there would be no reference to it.. Im considering using Part Atributes, creating a Atribute called "Hidden" and having all the hidden values in that Atribute... but then how to i hide JUST the Attribute Hidden on each Part in the catalogue? Any help would be GREAT!!
  8. Thanks very much tomerg3, i'l have a play when i get time, not very hopeful though!
  9. Id Like to know from which category a item was added into the cart from,,,, ie, appear on invoice, subcategory that it was added from..
  10. Hi All, I am setting up prestashop as a Catalogue for Car Parts - so, a particular part can fit into several "Categories" -Categories in my case are makes/models of cars. I would like to be able to know from which category an item was added from - as it might appear under more than 2 cat. is this possible ? rgds Andy
  11. Hi, It means you left the short URL column empty in the upload, so its created them itself and told you in a "Warning". Hope this makes sence.
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