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  1. Correct left column value is 1 . Its perfect now. Thanks again.
  2. I've got: id_theme_meta id_theme id_meta left_column right_column 27 1 28 1 1
  3. Oce again im a nob, so i did go to SQY Query, pasted the code and got this : MySQL said: #1046 - No database selected, dis i do something wrong? Oce again, Vekia your the best thank you for helping me with this. Sorry i'm an idiot ( No database selected, ), off couse i did not work, i'm going to try again
  4. It is an updated prestashop from 1.5 to 1.6, and yes ps_theme_meta doesn't exist in my DB, can i correct this ?
  5. Yes i have phpmyadmin, but the tables only go until (ps_supplier), i have no T., last table is ps_supplier, do i have to create something new ? It happens in category, CMS, Index
  6. Thank for help Vekia, and please im sorry but i'm a nob, How can I view this ?, where is theme_meta table ? is this in the database ?, Thanks
  7. Exact same problem here, and still no solution. When clicking enabled, it says "an error occured while updating this meta".
  8. I have a similar problem, and when i try to enable the left column for categories, i get this error: An error occurred while updating this meta. Can someone point me in the direction to solve this. Thanks
  9. This post has Just saved my life Thank you.
  10. Please try to Just select core(no theme selected). and edit the email
  11. I'm looking for this same solution , but still haven't found any, i was looking at your site and the tax display with and without tax is looking very good, can you please help in to get the same result, how did you managed to get it to work, and could you please share it. Thanks
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