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  1. I had been using this, but since the past week or so it is slowing my site down to a crawl. My host has confirmed that it's hung up on the Javascript call to geoplugin.net. It's a shame as it was working fine until recently.
  2. Stickees, I'm getting an insecure content warning on secure pages after implementing your fix. Is there something in the JS file that needs to be secure? The images perhaps? Ah, found it. http://www.google-analytics.com/ga.js in header.tpl just needs to be changed to https.
  3. The EU amended the rules applicable to cookies under the E-Privacy Directive, and EU Member States were obliged to implement the new legislation as of 25 May 2011. The UK was the first to implement these changes into national law, having done so in May 2011, with a deferred compliance date of 26 May 2011. Germany has made one draft change to the "Telemedia Act", but has not yet implemented the new EU rules it into law.
  4. I've been looking for information on this as well. As of 26 May 2012, UK websites will be required to get permission from visitors prior to sending cookies. This is a huge issue affecting all websites in the EU as it is part of the EU e-Privacy Directive. As far as I'm aware, the UK is the fist to implement it into law, but it affects far more than just the UK. Surely there are steps being taken by PrestaShop as a French company.
  5. I can only generate them after marking the item as shipped. This seems a bit backwards as you need the delivery slip in order to ship the parcel.
  6. The real problem is that there is nothing in the back office to change the order number. Changing the invoice number, delivery slip number, etc. doesn't do much good if the order number always starts at 1 and cannot be changed.
  7. When hiding prices to people not logged in, is it possible to make the text 'Login for Price' a link to the login page? It would be more user-friendly.
  8. I've run into this problem on a fresh install (PS on a subdomain. SSL is enabled and my host (Hostgator) has confirmed the subdomain is enabled via wildcard SSL. I see no files in the bug report. I created an account and clicked 'Source' per Maxine's instructions and the following message appears:
  9. I have the same problem. The invoice number is definitely not always the same as the order number. It is different on more than 50% of my orders.
  10. Over the past week I keep seeing URLs like the one below in my Pages not Found stats. Page: /spottedsparrow.comcart.php?_=1333570936775&ajax=true&token=b49690507d8be82c63ab8201c4bc4502 Referrer: www.spottedsparrow.com/order I can't seem to figure out if customers are being taken to a 404 page during the checkout process or if it's just bots/spiders trying to read abandoned cart pages or something. I am able to complete an order both as a new customer and as an existing customer across browsers. Conversions have been significantly lower since I switched to PrestaShop from VirtueMart, so I'm worried that customers are getting an error during the checkout process. Could anyone offer any guidance or suggestions? Site: http://www.spottedsparrow.com PrestaShop
  11. These URLs are still appearing in Pages not Found. Here are a few as examples: /content/identity.php /content/my-account.php /personalised-greeting-cards/my-account.php /personalised-greeting-cards/history.php If I click on the greeting card category, I am correctly taken to /5-personalised-greeting-cards. If I click on My Account from that page, I am correctly taken to /authentication?back=my-account.php and prompted to log in or create an account. Yet URLs like those listed above continue to appear in Pages not Found. Where are these URLS being generated? And why are they being generated incorrectly?
  12. Thanks for your reply. I've generated a new .htaccess file and cleared cache. I'll wait and see if the strange URLs are still showing up in Pages not Found. I'm not sure if this solves the problem though. I generated a new .htaccess file last week and these weird URLs are still showing up in Pages not Found. All pages on the site seem to be loading and functioning correctly, which is why I'm so confused about how/why these URLs are being generated.
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