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  1. Hello Fabio Thank you for another great tutorial. Will certainly have some fun playing with this. Paul
  2. Hello I do not really understand the questions. 1. Do you want to set "catalog" as a link in your top horizontal menu? 2. Have you tried turning Off " HTML Purifier" in your back office. Paul
  3. Hello Use "Zones"- you create as many as you want and have different carrier/s for each zone. Paul
  4. Hello Have no idea really, the best person to ask is the developer, but if this theme is from Water Themes then I would look for something like: wtbanner-popup in your back office Paul
  5. Hello again You can achieve this yourself with a little bit of coding. Their are also many cheap modules that you can use. which allow you to have timers, images, text etc. I would Google "maintenance template" and see what you can find. Paul
  6. Hello Well, why not hide the arrows with a bit of css. Or perhaps, you could use an image in the "home text editor" module. Just a thought Paul
  7. Hello Back office > Preferences > Maintenance http://screencast.com/t/Ed5VbAa5o Paul
  8. Hello again Do you mean what is FTP? or are you talking about something else Paul
  9. Hello again I thought you would be able to go to: Back office > Catalog > Products > (click a product) > Shipping > (then add a shipper to that product) Obviously you need to set up this delivery method first for it to show. I have to say I have not tried this. Paul
  10. Hello I have probably not understood your question but: If you set up shipping to: $0.00 to $1000 - Free $1001 to $ 1000000 - $30 Paul
  11. Hello Put this code anywhere in global.css header .nav {background: #c20000;} Result http://screencast.com/t/UwEhCbzo Paul
  12. Hello Just use this code anywhere in global.css .sf-menu > li {border-right: 1px solid #c20000;} Result http://screencast.com/t/2MuTOumB0 You can also use superfish-modified.css but I prefer to keep all css changes in one place Paul
  13. Hello Not an ideal solution but you could try adding this to global.css .cart_voucher fieldset {background: #ffe500;} Result http://screencast.com/t/EO2eYVxttsw Or you could try this: .cart_voucher fieldset #discount_name {background: ffe500;} Result http://screencast.com/t/Ss6k5opHJIME Paul
  14. Hello again Try adding it to the bottom of global.css Paul
  15. Hello I have just tried your code and it works for me. Are you clicking the source code button and then adding the code http://screencast.com/t/SLb4X9rV When you add code to editor (NOT using source code) Result http://screencast.com/t/KnUOxe0y When you add code to editor (USING source code} Result http://screencast.com/t/HFq1ydRvIhwm Paul
  16. Hello Try using this: .sf-menu li li li li a {display: none!important;} Before http://screencast.com/t/uLsoPriVouts After http://screencast.com/t/R5KQ9jL2oso Paul
  17. Hello If you mean this: http://screencast.com/t/wGmJKEiGBZ8d then you can change the size with this code: #pb-right-column #image-block #view_full_size .span_link {left: 13%!important;} Result http://screencast.com/t/tLSDTjTBCq7 or do you mean something else Paul
  18. Hello I think, to be honest, your on a loser, as you rightly say most new forum members go to the first forum link they see. Once you have spent some time on the forum then you understand where your topic should be placed. Perhaps, the easiest way to solve this would be to have a "First Question" forum at the top and then moderators could move it to the relevant forum, which, of course, happens. So, change the "ecommerce" name to "First Question" and then the OP can be helped and told where to place future posts. Unfortunately, this will not always work because most people do not read the rules & regulations. Their is also the problem that their are a lot of non English posts on the English forum simply because this is the first forum that is visible. Paul
  19. Hello I think not, in my honest opinion you will need a module to do what you want to achieve. Prestashop is really great but it cannot be all things to all men, so their are times when you need a module for a specific task. Paul
  20. Hello I think you will need a module for this, their is a very good one that I know of but it is not a Free module. Paul Edit: you beat me to it Fred
  21. Hello again You can either comment out the code or just use some css body.an_theme1_1 .content_scene_cat {display: none;} Before: http://screencast.com/t/AEMNZ2oOK68k After: http://screencast.com/t/31RMWNMh2 Paul
  22. Hello if you mean the Categories Block on the left then you can just "unhook" this module by going to: Back office > Modules > Positions or use a little bit of css, like: #categories_block_left li a {display:none;} Otherwise I am not sure what you are after. Paul
  23. Hello I am not really clever at this but I think the SQL Manager will not allow this, most likely for security. The only way I know, and as I have said I am not an expert, is by php admin. Not sure why you cannot access this. Paul
  24. Hello Nemo1 I was thinking this query was good? UPDATE ps_stock_available SET quantity = 1 Paul
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