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  1. Hello Back office > Preferences > Themes > Theme configurator > Display top banner > NO > Save Back office > Modules > Front office features > Contact block > Configure > (remove telephone number) > Save Paul
  2. Hello all Good point from Dh42, it would be very helpful if it was possible to identify members by State or Country. For instance, for me, knowing that their are "X" amount of people using Prestashop in my country (UK) it would be easier to arrange a Meet-Up, you could then arrange a dialogue with them to see what Prestashop lacks in your country and, as a group, could ask the core developers to add these things to the default theme. Anyway, just a thought Paul
  3. Hello I think it would be so much better to ask the developer of the theme to help you (I assume aqit) Unfortunately because of the time of the year you may or may not get a quick response. Anyway, any questions that are possibly theme related (not the default theme) are in the first instance better asked of the developer. Paul
  4. Hello Unelss I am barking up the wrong tree (which I probably am) then go to: Back office > Modules and services > Front office features > Top horizontal menu there you can add you own links http://screencast.com/t/87lslxQ6w Paul
  5. Hello Yes, that is the correct thing to do and, I am sure that if you ask iqit they will help you in all you want to do. Paul
  6. Hello, and please forgive me for this dumb reply but: I assume you are not talking about the Warehouse Theme made by "iqit", if so, then to duplicate this theme with a different domain would not be allowed. Of course, if it is a paid for theme then if you require assistance in duplicating it then I am sure the developer would help you. If your wanting to duplicate a basic Prestashop theme then this might help you https://mypresta.eu/en/art/videos/how-to-duplicate-theme-in-prestashop-16.html Paul
  7. Hello Try this anywhere in global.css #paypal-express-checkout-btn-product {margin-top: 20px!important} Result http://screencast.com/t/w8ghkhoe Paul
  8. Hello It would be easier to give a url But, you could try something like this in global.css (this assumes you are using the "paypal express checkout" module) #payment_paypal_express_checkout {margin-top: 100px} Paul
  9. Hello again Arno Sorry, no, you will have to wait for the clever folk on the Forum to help you. Just a thought, have you recently added any Modules and then noticed the problem Paul
  10. Hello Arno Yes, it worked after refreshing the page and also going to other pages. Paul
  11. Hello It is working for me http://screencast.com/t/m1PCXqzecB9 Paul
  12. Hello Very nice theme but I did notice this: http://screencast.com/t/aljrUxYws http://screencast.com/t/VTXMglDJ Paul
  13. Hello See if vekias answers help you in this topic https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/324905-how-to-add-new-linkblock-in-navigation-bar/ Paul
  14. Hello Would be helpful if you could say what you would like to translate, is it a module translation? Have you a screenshot? What version of PS do you use? is it default theme? Paul
  15. Hello Back office > Modules and Services > Front office features > Contact block http://screencast.com/t/gPdC7iOIksro Paul
  16. Hello Sorry for being a little bit confused but are you saying that their will only be one forum for asking general questions? Configuring and using PrestaShop Afraid i'm English and need a bit of help understanding what you are saying Paul
  17. Hello again Thank you for your reply I am sorry I could not help but I know you will get you problem solved from members of this great Prestashop community Paul
  18. Hello again Then I do not know I tried on a test site which was English Front and Back office. I changed the back office to French and it worked. Paul
  19. Hello I thought to set up "back office" language to be different to "front office" all you had to do was: 1. Set up languages as usual (whatever you require) 2. In back office click on (site administrator - or whatever name you have chosen on the initial download > click preferences > and then change to the language you reqire for the "back office" Sorry if I am Barking up the wrong tree Paul
  20. Hello again I am afraid I do not see the account button on the left, all I can see is the Phone Icon and Number: Call us now: 0742 906 596 If I hove on the search bar it is not working http://screencast.com/t/6ZI75nFH1ZcQ Your problem is beyond my expertise, I can only hope that someone will help you. Paul
  21. Hello again All I did was follow the link to your site Added a product to the cart Then entered all the relevant information So, I do not know why you have a problem PS. I am from the UK but registered as someone from your country Paul
  22. Hello Not sure about logging in ( afraid I do not know the language) but I have just registered on and bought a product http://screencast.com/t/ayUcGfvT79wr Paul
  23. @sadiwadi I see this on your site http://screencast.com/t/ScAkMZdK Paul
  24. Hello Are you sure they are missing, I see this http://screencast.com/t/2Cv8zvLRkZ Paul
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