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  1. Good Morning, I think this is a default product which comes with the PS theme you are using. So, goto your BO > CUSTOMERS, find a customer named John Doe and delete, you will then be able to delete the Ipod Touch. Hope this helps Paul
  2. Good Morning ribamar23, Don't know if this helps: www.instabill.com They deal with high risk merchants like the tobacco industry Paul
  3. Good Morning, I am very new to Prestashop and I hope the information I give you is correct. As I understand it you want to have a PRICE SLIDER and an ATTRIBUTE check box as a layered navigation, so if you goto: BO > Catalog > Attributes and groups > Click on "Add Attributes group" > Type in the two boxes the name of the group, for example " SIZE" then click save Then go back to the Attributes and groups Tab and click on "Add Attribute" then in the Name box type the attribute you want, for example 10" x 12" then from the dropdown box select the Group, for example "size" and click save The price slider is automatically configured in PS 1.4.7 Hope this helps in someway Paul
  4. Good Morning, Clicked on the link you supplies but it comes up with "product not found" Paul
  5. Good Morning, Your site looks a little uncluttered to say the least. Pages are too slow to load Cannot find any add to cart buttons or prices Paul
  6. Good Morning all, I have searched this forum many times to try and find a solution to this problem but with no success. I assume the layered navigation module was designed for the Euro as Prestashop is French but as PS is a truly international ecommerce solution it would be a lot better for the UK, US, Australian users etc to have their currency symbol before the value. £100, $100 etc Hope all you clever folk out there can help Paul
  7. Dear all, thanks for pointing me in the right direction for changing block colours. I have tracked down the global css file, it's so easy now I know, but after going through 1512 lines of coding I am still not sure which line I need to change the colours of my blocks. I know this is easy for you folk out there but for me ??? Your help as always is greatly needed and very welcome Paul
  8. Good morning all, I know I've asked something similar before but for some reason I cannot get it right. All I want to do is change the colour of the blocks on my site. I have opened my cpanel and gone to: public_html/themes/prestashop/css/modules/blocknewsletter then I highlight blocknewsletter.css and click the code editor tab and I get this: /* Block newsletter */ div#newsletter_block_left div.block_content { padding: 1em 0; text-align: center } div#newsletter_block_left div.block_content p { padding: 0.3em 0; text-align: center } div#newsletter_block_left div.block_content input.button_mini { margin: 1em auto 0em auto } I have looked at all the blocks on my site and cannot find anywhere where I can change the colours of the blocks. I know this is an easy question for you folk in the forum but it has me totally baffled. Hope you can help Paul
  9. Good Morning Gillian, Had another look at your site and went through to adding to cart etc and found no problems, all was easy. Paul
  10. Good morning, For the Top Sellers, as soon as you sell something it will automatically become a Top Seller. The Specials you can do yourself: As you know you start with a category and then add a product + image, next to the image TAB is the PRICES Tab, click this and click "add new specific price" follow the instructions and this will automatically become a special in your shop front. Hope this helps Paul
  11. Good Morning, Lovely site The only thing I noticed was that all your graphics/pictures on the home page are blurry, looks like they have been stretched. Paul
  12. Good Morning again, just to answer your questions: Facebook works ok for me. I should not worry if you have not had any sales, you can still add products to your special, top seller pages. If you have an SSl logo then it must link to the SSl company, if not it looks a bit dodgy. I would ask the forum in a seperate topic to get the answer. Regarding the Contact Us page: Sorry, I meant, when you click on Site Map > About Us it gives two email addresses that are not clickable. I find that people are lazy if they have to copy and paste an email address into their email client. Perhaps you could just put a link to the contact page. As for the spelling mistakes, goto Sitemap > Delivery there you will see SLEVE I assume it should read SLEEVE. The search bar problem is another one for the experts on the Forum. One of the big things about an ecommerce website is that everything needs to work otherwise prospective customers get irritated and leave. Sorry I can't be more helpful. Paul
  13. Good morning, just a couple of things I've spotted: Seach box doesn't give any results. When I click on your top nav tabs: Specials, New Products, Top Sellers, all I get is blank pages. I am sure visitors would like to see something there. Clicking on the SSL seal gives me nothing. It would be good to see something like a contact button under the search bar. On your contact us page you have two email addresses that do not have a link. And I noticed a couple of spelling mistakes. Apart from that it looks OK Paul
  14. Hello, I have to agree with some of the things that have been said. But the main thing for me is the lack of pictures for your products. ecommerce is all about seeing before you buy, that is after all what you do in the supermarket or department store. I should not worry too much about the prices, people ill always pay for quality as long as they can see it. Best regards Paul
  15. Dear all, good morning. I am using PS standard ps theme Just a quick question, is it possible to add other options to the contact dropdown box, all there is at the moment is: Customer Service and Webmaster. I would like an option for: Sales, Admin, etc. Your help as always is appreciated Paul
  16. Morning all, a question from a beginner. I am using ps I want to change the colours of the Blocks/modules in my FO, the category, topsellers, news letter blocks etc. This is just because I would like a more feminine look to my site. Any clues as to where and which file/s I would need to change would be appreciated. Yours in anticipation Paul
  17. Good morning all, just a quick question from a complete newbie to css etc. I am using ps and was wondering how I can change the module/block colours to something a little bit more colourful. I wish to change: Category, Specials, Tags, Newsletter, Cart etc Is this able to be done in one file? I hope someone can point me in the right direction Yours Paul
  18. Good mornng Numan, for part 2 of your question goto: Back Office > Modules > Positions > Transplant a Module, then from the "Module" dropdown box select the Module you reqire, then from the "Hook into" dropdown select where you want it to go, click save Paul Disregard what I have said above as does not work as I thought it would Paul
  19. Good morning all, I am sure this question must have been asked before but every time I type a search query I get about a 1000 responses, so I thought I'd ask again. Is it possible to configure somewhere in the BO a way to show a price saving as a monatory value and as a percentage, for example: RRP £40.00 Our Price £20.00 You Save £20.00 50% Saving or some form of the above, it is the percentage discount that I am really after. I have attached a snippet to make things a little clearer Thank you in advance Paul
  20. Good Morning, Perhaps you have to do an alias for each size of ipod, eg. iopd 8gb iopd 16gb iopd 32gb Don't know, but if you haven't already tried this it's worth a go
  21. Good morning, If you go to Back Office > Modules > Front Office Features > Then scroll down to almost the end > Click Install > Then Configure Hope this helps
  22. Dear all, this the first time I have used this forum so please bear with me: Question: I am using Prestashop standard template, what I want to do is add a logo to my header next to the shop name, eg. if my shop name was "beers r us.com" I would like an image of a beer next to it, I hope this makes sense. Is it possible to do this, if so, how Hope you can help Paul
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