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  1. Hello niktaris, thanks for your interest in our distributions. Please contact me directly at info[at]presta-apps.com so that i can send you the credential for our demo server. Greetings Nick Presta-Apps TEAM
  2. Hello mtporter, i have already contacted you directly and also send you the latest version of the module. Let me know if it fixed the issue you were facing, if not, it can be a custom environment one, so our developers can take care of it for you. Just let us know. Greetings Nik Presta-Apps TEAM
  3. Hello MacRoy, YES, of course. Please send me a personal message, so that i can update your version. Greetings Nick
  4. Hello gloomybear, the steps features will be in the upcoming update of the PRO module on Tuesday next week. Greetings Nick
  5. Hi, i will have to check and will let you know. the feature we have made for was custom, so i do not think that it will be in the module. I will check and let you know. Greetings
  6. Hello, we already have "Calcal Commission for order" in the backoffice of each affiliate. It looks like that: http://prntscr.com/7z6yr3 We have also the options: "Add custom amount" & "Remove custom amount" feature in the backoffice which are available in the PRO version. Greetings
  7. Hello, including some and excluding other may be a good feature for an extension, but if we implement it, it will be in the Affiliate PRO Extended version, because we want to keep this one at the acceptable price as now and offer the good all rounder module. For everything additional, we have the Affiliate PRO. Affiliate PRO Module can be checked here: http://www.presta-apps.com/141-prestashop-affiliate-pro-module.html It already has some very interesting features: -affiliate global commissions - helps you set up an affiliate account in less than 10sec -in-Store payments - use your affiliate commissions to purchase products -link customer to affiliate -use fixed & percentage provision at the same time -commission steps - set different commission steps for reaching goals -commission time frames - award your affiliate with more or less commission as the time goes - ex. after 3, 6 or 12 months -extended interactions log How fast do you need this features? Greetings Nick
  8. Hello gloomybear, a nice case, i have to admit that. What about, when you use a different tracking method, for example the Full Dynamic or Order Dynamic? http://prntscr.com/7ywyxn Will this help? Greetings Nick
  9. Hello Fatyas, thanks for your interest in our distributions. Please write me a direct email at [email protected] and i will send you the access data for our test servers. Greeting Nick
  10. Hello MarMis, thanks for contacting us. What seems to be the problem with the module? We didn't received any queries and do not have any open support request at the moment. How did you tried to contact us? Please write me a direct email at [email protected] I will take care of your request asap. Greetings Nik
  11. Hello OZIAN, thanks for your interest in our distributions. YES, the module is compatible with all PS 1.5.x & 1.6.x versions. Just let me know after purchase so that i can send you the latest release. Have a GREAT Day! Greetings Presta-Apps TEAM
  12. Hi MacRoy, as it seems as i have sended you the wrong version of the module. Sorry for that, my mistake. I will follow on the personal conversantion and send you the right version. Greetings Presta-Apps TEAM
  13. Hello HaCos, ok, of course. Can you send me a reminder at [email protected] so that i can direct you email to one of our developers so that they can assist you. Greetings Presta-Apps TEAM
  14. Hello HaCos, we are glad that the module is working smoothly. About the Presta-Apps Dashboard / Inixframe - It is responsible for the responsive layout & update features of the front and backoffice of the module. This has already been changed and will be made as an optional feature in the upcoming major release. We are currently testing it and it will be released as soon as it is stable. About the different versions of the module, we have how deleted all and have left only the latest online. For all new purchases, it should work properly and let the customer download directly the latest version. Have a great day all! Greetings Presta-Apps Dashboard
  15. Hello HaCos, just mailed you the latest version. We have updated everything also on prestashop.addons, actually we have at the moment 3 active module versions of the module for PS 1.6.x, so i suppose that this is the problem. I will try to delete all, so that only the latest ones stays, hope it works. Greetings Presta-Apps TEAM
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