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  1. I have a legacy Prestashop installation and I would like to know if some core file was modified compared with the original version. I have to move, upgrade and fix some issue in this installation but if someone modified the original core files I can find difficulties or the website could rise errors. Do you know some method to smartly do this check? Thanks!
  2. I would like to customize "Employee" section in the prestashop admin area: first of all I would like to limit Employees to edit thei own products without the capability to "touch" other Employees products, then I need to add an extra field to Employes properties with a custom expiration date (that they can't modify) and if the expiration date is in the past the Employee can't login. Some hint? I don't know where I can start rof these tasks... thanks in advance
  3. I'm not an expert but I think that the better way is installing PrestaShop in a subfolder and creating the right index.html (or other format you need) in the root folder...
  4. Hello, I would like to know why the two functions getProducts and getNewProducts (both in class Product) return different "field list", in particular the function getProducts doesn't join to Images and some other table... this is a big poblem for me, I'm modifying homefeatured.php and I'm using $products = Product::getProducts(.....) but images and links in home pages are corrupted, instead if I use $products = Product::getNewProducts(....) everything works fine... do you know why there is this difference? thanks...
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