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  1. Hello I'm using the latest 1.7 version and the warehouse theme. My ID column is much too wide, so the photo columns and name column is very small How can i change these sizes? See Attachmate Thanks
  2. Yes, after clicking the "update all editable records". sorry, i mean that indeed of the Submit all. My settings first are in screen 1 attached. After clicking update all editable records the output is screen 2. When i take a view again and select all meta tabs, i see nothing changed, see screen 3
  3. Hello I use PS with Prestools version 1.29e When i edit the category in "Category Edit" something strange happen. I want to edit the meta_description. I select the field meta_description, and choose "copy from field" and select the Meta_title. When i click "Submit All" something happen, and after the auto refresh nothing happend. Do you think this is a bug? Second thing is this line at the top of the tool: Char set is 'utf8mb4' instead of 'utf8'.Collation is 'utf8mb4_general_ci' instead of 'utf8_general_ci'. See attachment also. thanks
  4. Hello I use prestashop with all latest updates. In the layered module and in the stats view, see the photos the prices are with 6 digits behind the dot indeed of the normal 2. I don't know after which update this happened. What can I do to fix this? Thanks from www.queenfan.nl
  5. Solved. I deleted my cache of the browser. It was the token=16c9ffe5dfbrtbrtbrtbeac250195a4272f that was the issue.
  6. Hello I get an error 500 after i deleted 2 old backup files of the databases. Now i cannot access the Advanced Parameters/Database in BO anymore. See screenshots after i want to access that page with debug mode on. Any help please. thanks I use prestashop and php 7.0
  7. I have a problem with replace a piece of text in the short_description at PS When i want to do that he replace all text indeed of only the piece i want. see screens. I hope you can solve this. thanks
  8. Really nobody??? I have this problem now also after upgrading to version Unexpected token s in JSON at position 2 I see this problem often, but no solution. see attachment for the error
  9. My Dashboard activity don't update anymore after upgrade to When a new order was made it don't update the overview anymore. See screenshot. I have reset the Dashboard activity module but no solution. Any help please. thanks
  10. Hello I want to Sort modules in the product page. But i cannot do that in the Positions or live edit features. See screenshot. I think it is a mess now, and change the positions will make it look better. I don't know how. Any help please, thanks
  11. Great Great Module. I bought also an add on already and use the tool every day. The thing i miss is this: At the option field in Information i want to change the Available for order and show price button. Is there an easy way to make this? Even better is that the maker will add this feature into the next release. It would be great. Options Available for order Show price Online only (not sold in your retail store)
  12. I really want to see the solution. It is impossible to import items to ebay.
  13. Great solutions. Many thanks to all It works for me
  14. Hi all, When running the GTmetrix to verify my site performance, I get the following on the report: The following image(s) are missing width and/or height attributes. See screenshot. I use the warehouse bought theme and version of prestashop. My website is http://queenfan.nl How can i solve this so the performance will be back again? Thanks
  15. I think there is still no solution for this problem how to fill in the postcode to Somebody?
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