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  1. The above solution will work but still is just a work around. As in any server environment you should never have any directory with 777 permissions. The main reason why you get the permissions problem is the fact that you should be uploading the files as the directory's owner then the unsecure permissions of 777 is never required. You web server is running the php and attempting to create the export file which it cannot do as the folders owner or group is not the same as the web servers.
  2. Sorry for writing this in english but I do not speak french. Maxhome, nice work on the translation into french and probably a few tweeks here and there. I'm going to be releasing another version soon and will include your translations. Thank you.
  3. This module adds a block to your store either in a side column or centrally which allows your visitors to add a product to the basket quickly by typing the product name or reference number. The module also uses ajax search functionallity to find a list of possible matches. This is the first release and is only tested with Prestashop 1.2.4 so please report any bugs. Download: BlockQuickOrder_v0.1
  4. Well sorry but if the export is working theres not much I can do to help with the import. I do plan on writing an import module but I've very busy at the moment.
  5. You just need to set the permissions of the exportproducts folder to allow the server to write the export csv to it. chmod 777 will fix it, although that's not the best solution.
  6. Could you export your products using , as a delimiter and then upload that file so I can check thats ok. since thats what this thread is about.
  7. It's your CSV file by the looks of it. It doesn't make any sense when I open it in Excel.
  8. Do you get any error messages come up in your browser when you hit import? Also try searching the board for import problems there may already be a solution.
  9. I'd say its probably a language issue at a guess. I'm going to build in some more support for different languages as its a common problem with the export.
  10. @114 On line 259 the csv lines are wrote to the products.csv file fputcsv($f, $export_final, $delimiter, '"'); If you replace the double quote '"' with a different character you will probably solve your problems. @115 Yes features are possible but won't be in just yet. I've already done features, accessories and attributes in my own personal version but I really need to write the import side of things before releasing those as it will not work with the standard import. @116 What version of prestashop are you using? Something must have been left behind by the install. Are you sure the database doesnt have any reference to export_fields or export_set?
  11. Teriff means create a product that you cannot buy. e.g. no quantity and do not allow out of stock purchases for that product.
  12. Any image link or script link that is using http:// within your ssl checkout pages will cause the problem you are describing. I suggest searching through the html of the page that gives you the problems for the above. When you find your problematic links you will need to edit the .tpl file to make the link use https:// If you have no coding experience I could help. Send me a pm.
  13. I agree with radders. If you do have 1,000 just remove the , and do the import again?
  14. If you remove the EUR and format the column to use , instead of . in Excel it should do the trick. You are more than welcome to edit my code. The line that formats the price is $export['price'] = $product->displayWtPriceWithCurrency($params, $smarty);
  15. @101 Not 100% sure why you get the wrong language. I'll look into fixing this at some point soon. @102 The version numbering just hasnt been updated and currently yes it does not work for 1.1. I will attempt to do some backward compatibility for the next release. @103 I haven't experienced the problems your having at the moment. You could try more obscure delimiters, ¦ perhaps? Could you possibly send me the exported sheet so I can have a closer look at the problem ? The 500 Internal Server error are generally down to configuration of the server. This module would not cause the problems your having are you sure you havent altered any of prestashops files? added another module? the best way to find the cause of the problem is to look at your error logs for the server. @104 The currency format will be removed from my next version as it's really not a requirement from 99% of users and will not work correctly for a prestashop standard import. For now I suggest you just remove the EUR manually. @105 Not idea why you only get ",,,,". Never had this issue. I'll take a look at the code and see if there would be anything that can cause it.
  16. Its due to you having alot of html code in the descriptions by the looks of the screenshots. Have you tried using different delimiters?
  17. Maxhome, Find and replace on that column ? in your spreadsheet editor ? Surely that should do it quickly enough.
  18. Just untick the box on the export for format currency and it should just give you plain pricing without symbols.
  19. Well in all fairness I shouldnt have even included that feature as it really isnt needed. It's very simple just to format the cells in your chosen spreadsheet program if you required the currency changing. I may chose to remove the currency conversion all together since like I say its not required.
  20. You would need to change the way prestashop displays your currency normally outside of the module.
  21. I've not tested with 1.1. So I take it from your comments that it does not function with 1.1 I'll install 1.1 at some point and see if I can solve the problem for you.
  22. @chti59 I have plans to include an attribute export as part of this module but it is currently not possible to export them. @hackia The module is export only at the moment. You will have to use the standard prestashop import.
  23. Thanx Updated Again. Added - Select All option. - Display price with currency option.
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