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  1. Can't you use Tools::safePostVars() instead of $_POST?
  2. I'll be updating this for 1.5 within the next month or so. This might be the time I update it with new features. Any requests?
  3. Hi, To everyone having problems please make sure you download v1.0. I've edited the original post now to make sure it's clearly labelled. So many people downloading the wrong version due to a silly forum bug which stops me from removing the old version from the original post. Cheers, Lee.
  4. For some reason I cannot delete the first .zip I attached to this post. It is old and people are downloading the wrong version. Would be grateful if an moderator could assist me. Thanks.
  5. Ramin, Could you give me more information as to why it does not work?
  6. Finally updated for 1.4. Please let me know any issues. exportproducts.zip
  7. finners, The module has not been tested with 1.37. I'd suggest trying to reinstall the module and see if that helps. Cheers.
  8. skalman63 you might want to turn off display_errors in your php.ini as at the moment you have it turned on which will cause it to show error Notices and other server Errors. I'll make sure all of my variables are defined to ensure no "Notices".
  9. cd2500, By the looks of it the database tables have not been removed and installed correctly. Firstly uninstall the module in the admin module page then if you have a database admin tool, remove the tables ending with export_fields and export_set. After those tables have been removed simply click install in the admin module page and everything should work as intended.
  10. The only issue with the download is the fact that the module isn't in a directory inside the zip file. I'll upload it again with the files inside a directory.
  11. I had plans on adding in Attributes, Features, Category's at a later date but probably for a small fee. e.g. £10 or less. Also with regards to the admin installer it probably don't like underscores.
  12. If you had an old version of this module installed that's probably the reason for it not installing through the admin screen. I'd uninstall the old module then delete it's folder through ftp before installing the new version.
  13. Hmm I've always installed modules by uploading them through FTP as its a safer option. Do you get any error messages when installing from the admin?
  14. Рад Вас видеть использование моего модуля. Новая версия доступна в lmwood.com
  15. This will get you all the category id's for the product with a little less code. if(isset($export['id_category_default'])) { $categories = $product->getIndexedCategories($export['id_product']); foreach($categories as $cat) { $cats[] = $cat['id_category']; } $export['id_category_default'] = implode(",", $cats); } OR if you just want the main cat id. if(isset($export['id_category_default'])) { $export['id_category_default'] = $product->id_category_default; } I have not tested the above code though so make sure to backup the file before editing it.
  16. Updated Module to v0.5 - Added EAN13 - Changed the export file to stream instead of saving to disk. Should fix file permission problems.
  17. Those having problems with blank CSV files, could you please send me a SQL dump of your products table and products_lang table. That will allow me to fully test and fix problems relating to data.
  18. I have plans to fix all of the current bugs soon. * blank exports. * image urls. * utf8 support. etc.
  19. Minor Updated. Changed the export folder to the root upload folder to avoid permission problems. Hopefully this should fix the blank file problems people have been having. Also the module has a github repo, so feel free to fork and update. I'll merge any improvements into the master. http://github.com/lmwood/exportproducts
  20. Hey All, I've been searching through the boards trying to find a module that will work for the version of PayPal which does not use API Credentials but uses: Paypal Partner Merchant Username Password. At the moment I haven't found anything. Basically I've built a new website for a company and they have a Payflow Pro US account. Do they need to upgrade the account with paypal to have API credentials or should they already have them in their main paypal account? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  21. UPDATED v0.3 * Added Prestashop 1.1 Support. * Fixed permission issues (no more blank csv files hopefully). * Fixed reinstall problems. If anyone has problems let me know.
  22. Do you have toolbar that would open a spreadsheet in your browser or anything like that?
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