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  1. Please download the module from https://oavea.com. The one you have downloaded is for the old version of prestashop. Do you have a large amount of products? It does not include attributes/combinations. Sorry.
  2. @jaychennai From your previous comments you either downloaded the file using the links in this post which are to older versions of the module or you have an old module still installed causing problems. please un-install and delete files from previous versions before installing the new version. thanks. If you still have problems, feel free to PM me your details and I can fix it for you.
  3. You don't have the up to date version. Please download the module from https://oavea.com
  4. I've not tested it on 1.5 but at a guess I'd say it would work. There's no harm in giving it a try.
  5. Sure, It's not obvious. It does go against the norm of the "Configure Button". It's in the Prestashop admin menu. "Advanced Parameters > Export Products". Happy Exporting!
  6. Oaveacache now has a reduced price of £39.99. was £64.99 http://addons.prestashop.com/en/front-office-features-prestashop-modules/16692-oaveacache-increase-the-speed-of-your-shop.html
  7. I'll update the module so it does not start with a ID but rather Product ID. That should fix the problem. I'll let you know when the file is ready to download.
  8. The issue was related to your php version. It should now be fixed. Please download a new copy.
  9. Please make sure to go to the menu item for the module. Advanced Parameters > Export Products. A couple of questions for you. What version of Prestashop are you using? What PHP version do you have? You should be able to get the answer to those questions on the Advanced Parameters > Configuration Information page. Thanks!
  10. @Gopetsquad, I've now uploaded another fixed file for the current issues you are having.
  11. I've uploaded a new version with a fix for gopetsquad's problem. Could you give me more info on the blank screen problems such as prestashop version and php version. Thanks.
  12. The module does not use the configuration page. It adds a new menu item under "Advanced Parameters > Export Products". Sorry I should of made this clear.
  13. Hey All, It's been a long time since I wrote the original version of this module and I've now rewritten the module for 1.6. However, the module is now only an export of the products in the exact format you need to re import back into Prestashop using the default import functionality. The new version does not have the ability to choose sets of data for export or choose what data is exported. You can however choose the following: - Language - Category - Active products or not - Delimiter You can download the module directly from my website. (no need to login or create an account). https://oavea.com
  14. Please send me a message via prestashop addons, so I can validate your purchase and I'll be happy to provide you with the updated files. Thanks.
  15. Hi, Thank you for purchasing the module. Currently the module is only Prestashop 1.6 compatible. Which it states on the Prestashop addons website. The part of my post you have quoted refers to the modules version number, not the Prestashop version number. However, I don't see making the module compatible with 1.5 being very difficult. I will update the module to work for 1.5 today for you and I'll PM you once this has been completed. Thanks.
  16. I think a little wiggle room is required on the accepted use of $_POST. As long as the $_POST variable is ran through Tools::safePostVars() before it's used I really don't see the issue with it. I guess the main issue is the Addons team just don't have the time to police every modules code, so they just outright refuse all use of $_POST to be safe. A quick solution would be just to make Tools::safePostVars() return $_POST after it was done with it.
  17. Minor Fix 1.3 - Updated Clear Cache to work with php 5.2 and below.
  18. Increase the speed of your shop with Oaveacache. Reduce the load time of your shop dramatically. Oaveacache provides a quicker, happier shopping experience for your customers. Benefits & Features A faster page load means increased conversion rates. Better SEO - Search engines love faster websites. Reduced load time of your shop. Choose the cache lifetime/timeout easily. Cache your pages to either your MySQL database or File System. Reduce the strain on your server, less database queries per page load. Clear cache with a single click. How does Oaveacache work? Each time a page is requested in your store Oaveacache will cache that page for a period of time which you set. The next time the page is requested it's loaded directly from cache, avoiding the need for Prestashop to generate the page a second time. What sort of performance gain will you see? You should typically see a page go from over 1-2 seconds load time down to sub 0.2 seconds. This figure will vary depending on your host and cache method. See attached screenshots. Upcoming Features Pre cache pages if cache has been cleared. (possibly using a cron job). Automatically clear cache when data changes. Such as products and categories. Ability to clear cache for individual pages from the front end of your website. Demo http://demos.oavea.com The demo shows two categories one with cache and one without. It's also worth mentioning that Oaveacache is storing its pages to the file system in this demo and is on a server with SSD storage. Support & Questions If you have any questions or require help with the module in any way. Please feel free to contact me via: private message email: [email protected] Contact Developer: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/write-to-developper?id_product=16692 Addon is available now on Prestashop Addons. http://addons.prestashop.com/en/front-office-features-prestashop-modules/16692-oaveacache-increase-the-speed-of-your-shop.html Change Log 1.3 - Updated Clear Cache to work with php 5.2 and below. 1.4 - Added support for prestashop Thanks for your time. Lee.
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