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  1. Thanks for testing my module. #1 What cookie module are you using? if it's a free one. I'd like to take a look at how it's coded. #2 Store Manager makes changes directly on the database so no prestashop code is called. The only way to clear the cache is manually by going to "Advanced Parameters" > "Performance" then click Clear Cache. If you do this after you make your changes. Everything will be fine. The module does however remove cached items if you edit them within the Prestashop interface. What cookie module are you using?
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I've changed the way the module caches the pages slightly which should make the module more reliable when it comes to different page versions. e.g. Categories with more than one page. The module doesn't touch the html structure so I'm not sure why you would get those results. Give the new version a try. The problems you mentioned above have now been resolved.
  3. Hi Eolia, The module doesn't cache pages for logged in users. So it would only cache for the guests visitors. Thanks, Lee.
  4. Hello All, I've been working on a new caching module for Prestashop for some time and I'm finally ready to release the beta lite version. My main goal was to provide a module that speeds up Prestashops page load times significantly without causing too much impact on other modules. This meant a module with zero or very minimal overrides. Currently the module has no overrides which makes it easy to install and try with no risk to your store. How Ps Rocket works? When any person visits a page on your website Ps Rocket saves that page to your web servers hard drive, then any other visitor viewing the same page in the future will get the saved page directly from your servers hard drive rather than having to call the database a bunch of times. This makes the page load times significantly faster. Configuration None. Currently the module will cache all pages for 24 hours and cannot be configured in any way. I do however have plans to include options and they will definitely be included for version 1.0. Current Feature List Caches all pages to hard drive allowing faster page load time. Cache can be cleared using the standard prestashop "clear cache" button on the performance page. Cache is cleared when you update Products, Categories, etc. Compatibility 1.5.4 onwards. It may work with the lower 1.5's but its not tested. Pro Version Plans I do have plans to release a pro version of the module which will include more features such as: Image lazy loading Lazy loading dynamic content (Viewed Products Module, etc) Image optimization using reSmush.it or Kraken.io if you wish. CSS Optimization (including splitting css files if they meet the IE selector limit). psrocketlite.zip Thanks, Lee.
  5. For the return character try changing your delimiter on the export. It shouldn't be an issue. I've fixed the created date export format. I've also updated the module for multistore and advanced stock management support. Feel free to download a new copy on my website.
  6. The module has partial multistore support (products export) full support coming soon and it should export all stock quantities regardless of how your stock works in prestashop.
  7. Sorry I've not responded to this post sooner but Prestashop does not allow you to remove specific pricing by CSV Import. This may be possible by setting a date on the pricing in the past but I'm not sure it will update old specific pricing rules.
  8. My website no longer requires you to checkout to download the module. All free modules are now direct downloads.
  9. You need to download the old version from the download link with the original post. The version on my website will not work with 1.3.
  10. Update v2.2. - Fixes the above problem with warehouse export. - Fixes UTF-8 support in Excel on Windows. Please download the latest version from my website. Thanks, Lee.
  11. Could you please elaborate? It should export the image urls for each product.
  12. Looks like you are using the old module. Please download the one from my website. https://oavea.com/free-prestashop-modules/export-products-free-prestashop-module.html
  13. Hi Pablo, Kind of wrong thread for import questions but I guess your error is related to tax rule id column of the import. If you go into your admin interface and navigate to "Localization > Tax Rules" you will see the "ID" number next to the tax rule you want to use for your product. Use this "ID" number when you import the product as one of the columns. Thanks, Lee.
  14. Hello, The Export Pro module aims to fill a gap with Prestashop current functionality. The module produces spreadsheet files (CSV) which match Prestashop Import spreadsheets. This allows you to make bulk changes quickly without the need to alter the spreadsheet format. Compatible with Prestashop 1.5.3 onwards. Features Export to CSV (Spreadsheet) allowing bulk editing. Export Products, Product Combinations, Orders, Categories, Customers & Addresses. Set the delimiter within the CSV file. Choose which language to export. Choose to export active items only. When exporting products you can also select a category. All exported CSV files match Prestashop Import CSV format. Adds a menu option in the admin panel for ease of use. (no need to dig through the module panel). Multishop & Advanced Stock Management Compliant. Advanced export lets you choose the fields on the export entity with drag and drop. Order export gives you one CSV file with your choice of delimiter. Screenshot of the admin page. Price 20 EUR includes 1 year of updates. To purchase please follow this link: https://oavea.com/5-export-pro-prestashop-module.html Fully Supported If you are having any issues with the module just send me an email to [email protected] and I will be happy to assist. This includes installation help. Upcoming Features Cron Job Export Export Sets - decide what gets exported via a simple drag and drop interface. More Options for filtering such as export out of stock only. Different export formats XLSX, XML, JSON. Thanks for your time. CHANGE LOG v2.2.0 - Line endings fix. - Added missing fields - Fixed alt text for images. v2.1.7 - Fix for 1.7+ - Fix Supplier Reference Export v2.1.2 - Fix bug in order export for Prestashop
  15. Hi All, Add a scroll to top button to your shop pages which will help your customers navigate with ease. Features Shows and hides automatically depending on scroll position of the page. Fully Customizable Button Background color Button Transparency/Opacity Button Icon color Choose between three styles rounded, circle and square. Here are some screen shots: To download the module please visit. https://oavea.com.
  16. Hello Everyone, Update v2.1 - Fix for php notice errors. - Fix for categories. Multiple categories will now be exported by name in a comma separated list as intended. I've also released a pro version of the module which will allow export of combinations, customers and categories. Both modules are available on my website. Thanks for your support.
  17. Hi all, I'm releasing an update to the module soon which will address a few of the issues, including multiple categories and the "notice" errors. Thanks!
  18. Version 2 was a completely new module and no longer works the way version 1 did.
  19. The module adds a menu item under "Advanced Parameters" then "Export".
  20. If you have problems with the export please uninstall and reinstall the module. If you still have problems please PM me, and I'll help best I can.
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