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  1. You are correct. This error should now have been rectified. Please download a new version. Thanks for letting me know.
  2. Easy Google Adwords Conversion Tracking Track your Google Adwords campaigns' simply and perfectly with this easy to use module. Track real conversion values, currencies and languages. This module uses the latest Google Tracking code and sets the conversion value and currency for you automatically when someone completes checkout. Implement the Google Adwords conversion tracking code in one click with two simple configuration options. Tracking your conversions will help you fine tune your Adwords campaigns' and allow you to continually monitor the success of your CPC bids, keywords, budget and much more. Multistore Supported. Uses real order totals, currencies and languages for the conversion tracking. Support is always available including help with installation free of charge. To find out more visit: https://oavea.com/modules/premium-prestashop-modules/easy-google-adwords-conversion-tracking Thanks for your time.
  3. Export Pro is now on Prestashop Addons and is Prestashop Cloud Compatible. http://addons.prestashop.com/en/export-modules/19214-export-products-combinations-categories-etc.html
  4. Still for sale and will be updated soon to include two modes. Implied Consent and Explicit Consent (block all cookies until accepted).
  5. Going to create a separate tab in the export interface for order export and order export will be two csv files. Aiming to get this implemented by this time next week.
  6. I've tested the module on with the default theme but I haven't been able to reproduce the bug you are seeing. Are you using a custom theme? Are you able to tell which module are not getting their css?
  7. You are welcome. Hope you get what you require from the address export. Order Export is on the road map but I'm still pondering as to how best to tackle products on each order export. Here are my thoughts / Options for order export. 1) Two CSVs. One for order totals and one for order products. 2) One CSV containing multiple rows for each product which includes duplicated totals data on each row. 3) One CSV with one row but product data is contained within one cell per field just comma separated. If I had to choose one of these right now I'd probably go with option 2. However option 1 is cleaner. Your feedback is appreciated.
  8. Working fine with Not sure what had happened to your install but the module wasn't installed correctly in your store. I uninstalled and reinstalled any the module worked as it should.
  9. EU Cookies Law Warning Notification Banner All fields are multilingual and multistore compliant. One of the most comprehensive Cookie law modules you will find. Merchant Benefits Comply with EU Cookie Law Once the close button is clicked the banner will not appear again. Fully customizable to fit your store. Unlimited Colour options Auto close feature. The banner will close after X amount of seconds (editable) Test Mode - Allows you to setup the module how you want it. Fully Responsive. Prestashop Cloud Compatible. Multistore Compatible. Features The following things can be edited to suit your need: Amount of time the banner stays hidden after it has been close. Auto close time. Banner Position - Choose between the top or bottom of your store. Banner Text. Banner Background Colour. Banner Background Opacity. Read More Button - Background & Text Colours (Inc Hover). Read More Link - Choose if/which page you want your customers to read. Close Button - Background & Text Colours (Inc Hover). Only £9.99 PayPal & Credit Cards are Accepted. https://oavea.com/modules/premium-prestashop-modules/ultimate-eu-cookie-law-warning-banner
  10. The module hasn't been fully tested in v1.6.1.0 but it should work fine. It may need some tweeks to work fully. I will test it.
  11. You can just go to your account on my website and click the download button for the module again. That will get the latest version. However your issue is relating to Prestashops Import as you have the colon character in your attribute values which prestashop uses to split for position.
  12. I've never had the need to import customers before but I can try and help you. Have you checked your file against the sample import file? You can download it by going to your Prestashop Admin > "Advanced Parameters" > "CSV Import" then click on the sample customers link on the right of the page. Feel free to PM me the file you are trying to import or a sample of it and I'll be happy take a look at it.
  13. Providing you have the correct version of the module it should be working fine. I can take a look for you if you would like? PM me your details and I'll be happy to help.
  14. What version of prestashop are you using and did you download the module from my website?
  15. Please send me an email to [email protected] with a sample export file and I'll look into it for you. I've updated the export module this morning to fix the following: - Attribute Reference (Was using product reference). - Combinations with multiple values was separating onto their own rows within the export. This has now been resolved and they are comma separated as they should be.
  16. Check the "Product Creation Date" column in your spreadsheet and make sure it's the date you import the spreadsheet. Not sure but if you leave this field blank it may put the date in for you when you do the import.
  17. By the looks of it the "leomanagewidgets" module is using a lot of memory. Disabling that module should help your performance. Try contacting "leomanagewidgets" developers and see if they can help you.
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