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  1. UPDATE v2.5.0 (15/01/2016) - Fix price to exclude reductions. - Fix price to export only one price using the latest import format for prestashop - Fix features export by adding a comma between features and add customized default value.
  2. Hey all, If you have been one of the awesome people who have purchased Export Pro already and by chance purchased it through prestashop addons, may I ask you to kindly rate the module as it will be a massive help. You can do so at the following url providing your logged in to addons. http://addons.prestashop.com/en/ratings.php Thanks in advance.
  3. Prestashop have probably added a field in the latest version which has thrown out the ordering of the module. I'll check this soon and release an update.
  4. Cron is coming. I will add another tab on the configuration page where you can choose what you want to export and save it as a cron job. Each job will have a unique URL which you can use to kick off the cron job using any cron service.
  5. v2.0.1 Available - UTF-8 support bug fix. UTF-8 BOM added to start of CSV's to ensure correct encoding in most editors. - Bug fix for order export page. Correct options should now be showing.
  6. Can you provide me with a sample of your exported file? If you can PM it me and i'll take a look at the problem.
  7. v2.0.0 - Major Update Adds two new tabs, Advanced Export & Order Export. Advanced export allows you to choose which fields you would like to export for each export entity. Order Export is currently basic as it only allows you to select a delimiter ( this will improve soon).
  8. Yes everything looks good. To get best performance use the file system option not SQL in the module.
  9. Hi, To gain optimal performance. Please do the following. Goto "Advanced Parameters > Performance" in prestashop admin. Turn on smarty caching and select the recompile of they have been updated option. Select the file system cache type Select clear cache everytime something has been modified. Under the CCC section enable everything except for compress inline javascript as this can cause issues with some modules. Under "caching" at the bottom of the page. Disable it. This will give you a good base to start from.
  10. No sorry this version of the module does not work on prestashop cloud. However Export Pro does work on Prestashop cloud ans is available on my website. No sorry this version does not work on 1.4.* This is probably related to execution time of the php script as you have a very large product database. You could modify the admin controller in the script and change the limit providing your version of php is not in safe mode. Here is a link http://php.net/manual/en/function.set-time-limit.php I'll add this to the list of feature requests.
  11. I'll have a look at this and provide a fix for this as soon as possible. I think added a field or two to the import and I will add them to the next release of export pro.
  12. I would suggest reinstalling the module. What version of prestashop are you using?
  13. Large update is on its way soon. Which will include the following features. - Custom Exports (choose which fields you want to export and save the field set for another time). - Order Export - Cron Export
  14. The cookie blocking version will be available with the next month and yes you get updates for 1 year after purchase, including major feature updates.
  15. You could use the Prestashop Web Service (API) and pull in the data you need that way. I do have an export module for products but it doesn't support cron tasks or saving to a url. However I'm sure it wouldn't be difficult to modify to your needs. https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/37900-free-module-product-export-module-v241-updated-040815/
  16. When you edit certain things such as Products, Categories, etc they should get refreshed at that point but this currently will not effect related pages. e.g. if you edit a product and the product also appears on your home page. The home page won't be refreshed. Current the global cache clear time is set for 24 hours. If you wish to clear the cache before then you can click "clear cache" on the "Advanced Parameters > Performance" page.
  17. Your store load time will be quicker but it does not work for logged in users currently. So make sure you are logged out or you will not see any difference.
  18. The only reason I could think of is one of your modules was using the same hook as I'm using to inject the css files and as a result is not getting them. Going to be doing some extensive updates to this module soon mainly to allow fine grained configuration.
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